These Voices

A poem I had written back in freshman year during lunch.


1. These Voices

These voices in my head,

These voices I hear.

They are everywhere bouncing around,

Both far and near.

I can’t escape them,

They won’t leave me be.

They say things I don’t like,

And don’t mean.

These voices in my head,

The voices I hear.

They know me better than I do,

And it fills me with fear.

I feel scared and alone,

I just want them to STOP!

Actually the voices are growing on me,

But I feel tired from them and feel ready to drop.

I talk to them now and they don’t seem so bad,

Now they are the best friends I never had.

I don’t want them to leave,

I don’t want them to go.

These voices are my home,

And I their pile of flesh and bones.

We are one,

I accept this as my torment.

These voices in my head,

These demons I hear.

No matter how far or near,

I accept them as of this moment.

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