A Cat's Life

A Cat's Life will tell the story of an abandoned cat on the street trying to find his family. Through rough times of war, he walks the world wide to find seeking safety and hope to find his family.

This short story will explain how important animals really are in society


1. Lost

Small little steps. Sirens howling. Screaming, running, crying. Panicked he runs to hide. He abruptly stops. His eyes gleaming with flames. The giant monster leaping with flames of yellow and red. He tries to run again, shivering with fear. He hears the cracks of houses burning to the ground. He wonders if he will survive.

The morning rises. Seagulls flying in the sky. Silence. The ashes cover the ground. Bodies lying on the ground. Not one move. Everything lies still on the ground. Except for one. A little paw stretches out. The cat yawns. Puzzled, it looks around. He wonders why no one is there. Trying to get up he stumbles. His leg is bleeding. He strains to get up. Slowly he limps around and to see if anyone is still there. He looks again. Then he turns around to see the infinite horizon of dead bodies.

He walks for miles trying to find someone. He cries as loud as he can, hoping for someone to come. Though no one comes, only silence wandering around him like a cloud of fog.

After weeks of walking the cat finally reaches the harbor. The cold winter air runs through his little whiskers. The smell of fish makes him ravenous. He hears loud footsteps coming. He hopes that the people will give him food. Instead the people ignore him and keep in walking. He tries to follow them limping. Then the people turn at a corner. Peeking around the corner he sees them boarding a huge red boat. The smell of fish becomes stronger. Maybe he could get on the boat and try to find his family or someone who would care for him.

After months of traveling on the boat the cat became ill. He was hungry and frail. He was depressed and had no hope left. He thought that this might be his last day.

Days later the boat arrived. The weak little cat jumped off the boat onto the wooden floor boards. The sun was shining and he could see thousands of people on the beach. He say multicolored fish jumping in and out of the water. He peers over the edge of the boardwalk. As quick as a cheetah he swooped his paw into the water to catch a fish. He ate it in one gulp. Then with all his might he ran towards the people on the beach. There he stopped a little boy. He was about five years old maybe less. He knew this family would be right for me. And without hesitating he jumped into the open arms of the little boy smiling.

The End.

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