texting my bully | lrh

Luke Hemmings is the true definition of a "Bad Boy"...
But is he really a "bad" boy??


11. Chapter 9 - liar

Luke: Leila what the hell!

Leila: uhm, excuse you?

Luke: why aren't you here?

Leila: ..where is 'here' ?

Luke: school, smart ass -.-

Leila: I knew what you meant.

Leila: I just wanted to Annoy you ;)

Luke: Ughhhh

Leila: (: you love me

Luke: yes, I do.

Luke: but sometimes you annoy me :(

Leila: hehe ;)

Luke: anyways, where are you?

Leila: home

Luke: why?

Leila: I'm sick..

Luke: bullshit

Leila: I am!

Luke: Bull

Luke: Shit

Leila: ugh, fine, I'm playing hookie

Leila: leave me aloneee XD

Luke: I could've ditched with you :/

Leila: No, I'm with Michael lol

Luke: so..?

Leila: he sort of hates you :)

Luke: I kinda already knew that.

Leila: that's why I didn't ask you to ditch with me

Luke: I feel like you're lying

Leila: I'm not

Luke: ughhhhh

Leila: hey!

Luke: what?

Leila: put your phone away while you're in class mister!

Luke: what are you?

Luke: my mother?

Leila: yes ;)

Leila: now pay attention in class!!

Luke: you're so nastyyyyy

Luke: but I have a feeling that you aren't going to text me until after school now.

Luke: and I guess I was right...

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