texting my bully | lrh

Luke Hemmings is the true definition of a "Bad Boy"...
But is he really a "bad" boy??


5. Chapter 4 - blocked

Luke and I walked out of last period hand in hand, everybody staring, neither of us caring. we stopped by my locker and he spun me around before placing a quick kiss on my lips and smiling down at me.

"Leils" he chuckled lightly

"Lucas" I replied with a smirk

he looked around the halls for a moment, almost as if he was worried anyone would see us.

"what's wrong?" I asked, concern evident in my voice. "nothing's wrong, why?" he said nervously scratching the back of his neck as I opened my locker, our hands still clasped together. I grabbed my English book and closed my locker as Luke let go of my hand. I looked at him in confusion but soon noticed his sudden change in mood, his "friends" were in a group walking towards us.

"well well well." his friend Ashton clicked his tongue and flashed me a dirty look.

"what've we got here?" He added as 3 girls giggled from behind him. I never bothered to learn their names but I do know that they usually follow Luke and Ashton around everywhere.

after a few moments of silence Ashton spoke up again. "I asked you a question." he said impatiently "why weren't you at the my house this morning? we always ride together." he said with a look of disgust "I drove Leils- I mean Leila, to school" he fumbled over his own words out of nervousness. "you drove this..thing to school?" Ashton raised an eyebrow and Luke wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans before speaking.

"I had to. I had no choice ash." he said cooly, confusing me even more "come on, give me a break. you mean to tell me, she talked you into driving her to school? that's bullshit Luke and you know it" Ashton chuckled in disbelief "no." Luke shook his head "my mom made me.." Luke scoffed, making my heart shattered into a million peices "she thought I owed her that for disrespecting her lately" he added before shoving me to the floor, earning laughter from his Friends, a single tear forced it's way out and slid slowly down my cheek, my face suddenly hot from embarrassment. "I never should have trusted you" I managed To choked out. but all Luke did was look at me, then back at his friends who gave him a nod of approval before he began kicking me in the stomach. a few moments later I hear a familiar voice.."Get away from her you dick!" it was Michael. my brother. Luke stopped kicking me, Ashton backed up a few feet, and the 3 girls ran off somewhere. affraid of the consequences. "Michael I-" Luke attempted to explain himself but my brother wouldn't let him. "don't waste your Breath Luke" he scoffed and Luke immediately closed his mouth and looked down at the floor. everyone was scared if my brother. it wasn't until he spoke up that I realized he was there "Leila, are you ok??" I looked up and saw a teary eyed calum. "cal." my voice cracking a bit. "I'm so sorry" I added as he wrapped his arms around me as I began sobbing into his chest "it's ok. I'm sorry too." he began crying too. my brother walked up to Ashton and Luke with anger in his eyes "do I have to remind you two of what happened the last time someone even looked at my sister the wrong way?" he said through gritted teeth. they both nodded, not really in the mood to get their asses kicked by my brother and they walked off at a fast pace.

Michael rushed over to calum and I and placed a hand on my shoulder, "let's go home" I nodded as calum helped me stand up. "calum" I asked as we all began walking to michaels car "mhm?"

"are we..ok?" I sighed as Michael unlocked his car. calum didn't say anything. instead , he helped me get into the car, I buckled my seatbelt as both calum and Michael hopped into the car.

when we pulled up the driveway of calums house he got out, and looked towards Michael. "thanks for the ride mike" he said with a smile before looking at me "Leila" he said, making me look back at him "we're okay" he smiled

"we're okay" I whispered to myself as we drove off

my phone suddenly went off for the first time all day and I saw it was a text. I opened it carefully

(1) new message from 'Luke'

Luke: leila, we need to talk

it only took a few taps of my thumbs and it was done, finally..

'luke' is now BLOCKED

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