texting my bully | lrh

Luke Hemmings is the true definition of a "Bad Boy"...
But is he really a "bad" boy??


4. Chapter 3 - love?

Leila: what the actual fuck Lucas?!

Luke: hm?

Leila: don't act innocent, you know what the hell you did!

Luke: you might want to watch your mouth Leils.

Leila: don't call me that you sick bastard.

Luke: so now I'm sick?

Leila: you always have been asshole.

Luke: you sure didn't seem to think so this morning ;)

Leila: ........

Luke: <3

Leila: what do you want from me????

Luke: I just want to love you baby doll.

Leila: STOP Luke just STOP

Leila: I'm done playing your sick little games.

Luke: from what I can see, you've never played along.

Leila: maybe because I can't stand you.

Luke: it's not my fault that you don't have any friends.

Leila: what are you talking about? I have a thing called REAL friends. not stuck up, slutty girls and

douchey boys who follow me around because girls throw themselves at me.

Luke: real friends? haha, you mean those nerdy outcast rejects you hang around? those aren't friends, you're there rebound. don't you see?

Luke: all I've ever wanted to do is give you the love you diserve

Leila: by pushing me around and ruining my life day after day, at school?

Leila: by constantly embarrassing me and making every boy i date break up with me?

Leila: what love Luke?...

Leila: what love?

Leila: because THAT .... isn't love.

Luke: Leila...I'm sorry

Leila: no you aren't. don't even pretend to be. you haven't changed at all from when we used to date. you're the same asshole.

Luke: Leila I really am sorry.

Luke: I just..I can't stand to see you so happy.

Leila: wow... thanks...?

Luke: no. that's not what I meant.

Leila: then what did you mean Lucas?

Luke: I mean.... I can't stand you being with someone else... I can't stand you being so happy with someone else besides me. it hurts. it hurts to see you smiling and laughing and loving someone else while I'm falling apart.

Leila: Luke I ... I didn't know...

Luke: just listen to me

Luke: I may seem happy and content all of the time and it may seem like I'm trying to hurt you or make you hate me but I'm not. I just miss you Leila. I miss what we had.

Leila: Luke...

Luke: if you give me one last chance.. I'll change your mind about me.

Leila: I'm not sure.

Luke: please Leila

Leila: this is all happening way to fast Luke.

Luke: Leila

Leila: ........hm...

Leila: o....k...

Luke: wait... really???

Leila: ...sure

Leila: why not

Luke: Yes!! you won't regret it leils!!!

i really hope I won't ...

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