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Luke Hemmings is the true definition of a "Bad Boy"...
But is he really a "bad" boy??


14. Chapter 11 - for the best

Luke's P.O.V.

I stared at the screen of my phone for a good hour and a half before actually responding.

Me: What do you mean?

I couldn't believe she said that.

'Maybe we should take a break' - my ass, everyone knows that's the easiest way to break someone's heart, without actually crushing it into tiny pieces. I really do care about Leila. Whether she knows it or not. I always have. Through all of the name calling, physical and verbal abuse, and Bullying in general, I've cared about her. I guess I've always been worried about 'looking cool' and 'fitting in' that I let it all blind me. I let the popularity of Ashton Irwin get inside of my head. I let jealousy get the best of me. I hurt Leila so much, and I didn't even realize it. And now, I understand. I understand how it feels to be invisible. I've been experiencing it a lot with calum and Michael, who both absolutely hate me. I understand what if feels like to love. I feel it everytime I talk to Leila, or see her cute little smile and sparkle in her beautiful eyes. I've taken too many things for granted. BUZZ! BUZZ! my phone went of BUZZ! BUZZ! I unlocked my phone and tears came to my eyes.

Leila: It's for the best.

I immediately threw my phone against the wall. "WHY?!" I screamed as I fell to the floor. "Why me?" I whispered to myself as I thought about everything I've ever done to Leila, Calum, and even Michael. I've hurt them all so much, I guess it's my turn to Hurt. I walked across the room and picked up my phone and clicked Leila, Calum, and Michaels names and began a group chat.

Me: I'm sorry, to all of you.

Me: for everything

Leila: Luke, it's fine..

Leila: what is this?

Leila: what are you doing?

Mike: what happened?

Me: I've hurt you all so much

Me: I'm sorry

Calum: Luke.....

Leila: if this is about me breaking up with you, I'm sorry, I'm just really confused

Me: I've done so much harm to you 3

Me: you all are such good people

Me: I'm sorry it took me so long to figure that out

Calum: Luke, I forgive you

Calum: now can you please tell me what the hell you're doing?

Mike: this isn't like you..

Me: I've decided to move

Leila: what? Luke you can't!

Mike: Luke, I'm not sure if you know this, but we all care about you.

Calum: You can't move, it'll crush Leils

Leila: Luke please don't leave

Me: it won't be permenant.

Me: just for a few years, I think you all deserve a break from me.

Leila: I don't WANT a break from you Luke.

Leila: you mean the world to me

Leila: I'm sorry I said we should take a break. Don't leave me please

Mike: Luke don't.

Calum: ...Lucas

Me: guys, it's only for a few years

Me: maybe 2

Me: or 3

I could barely contain my tears

As I told them all the news.

Leila: you can't!

Me: Leila, please don't make this harder than it has to be.

Mike: Luke why are you doing this to Leila?

Calum: Luke she needs you

Calum: we need you.

Calum: there isn't another Luke Hemmings.

Me: maybe that's a good thing.

Mike: Luke, stop this bullshit right now.

Me: I'll see you guys sooner than you think.

Me: a few years isn't that long.

Leila: Luke please, I'll kill myself.

Mike: Leila what the hell?!

Calum: we won't let that happen Leila. Don't be stupid.

Leila: why are you doing this??

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I typed my last response before shutting off my phone for the next few years.

Me: it's for the best.






A/N; hey guys!!! No this isn't the end, I'm just messing with you guys! I'm going to continue the story on this story, instead of making a 2nd book, so it's easier to keep track of. The second part of the story will basically pick up after Luke leaves for 5 years and Comes back, Wondering if anyone will remember him. Hopefully I don't disappoint any of you with where this story is going!

Love you all,


Ps; I'm renaming all of the chapters! So don't he alarmed, they're all staying the same- content wise- ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

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