texting my bully | lrh

Luke Hemmings is the true definition of a "Bad Boy"...
But is he really a "bad" boy??


12. Chapter 10 - stalker

Luke: Leila?

Leila: yes?

Luke: I went to your house after school yesterday..

Leila: you're such a creep Lucas.

Luke: maybe I am.

Luke: but guess what?

Leila: what?

Luke: you weren't there.

Leila: where?

Luke: at your house..

Leila: that's cause me and Michael went out for pizza around the time that school got out.

Luke: Michael was home,

Luke: you weren't.

Luke: Leila, stop lying to me

Luke: and just tell me where you were yesterday

Leila: no where

Luke: you were obviously somewhere

Leila: just drop it Luke.

Luke: no, I'm not going to "drop it"

Luke: not now.

Luke: not ever.

Leila: Luke, what the hell are you going on about?

Luke: the fact that you barely trust me, when I should be the one not trusting you!

Leila: What the hell?!

Leila: I'm more trustworthy than the both of us combined

Luke: are you?

Luke: are you really?

Leila: yes, I am.

Luke: ok then.

Luke: would you care to explain why you were at Calum's house all day yesterday?

Leila: did you follow me?

Luke: what else was I supposed to do??

Leila: um, maybe NOT stalk me :/

Luke: well "um, maybe" I wouldn't have to if I didn't have to worry about you sneaking off to your ex-boyfriends house!

Leila: calm down Luke

Luke: no, I have the full right to be angry right now.

Leila: no Luke, you really don't.

Leila: you don't know anything !

Luke: ok, then what don't I know?

Leila: his mother is in the hospital, you dick!!

Leila: she's really sick, and since I'm really close with them I wanted to comfort calum yesterday, and frankly it really was none of your business. If I thought you really needed to know, I would've told you!

Luke: Leila

Luke: I'm sorry. I didn't know

Leila: yeah, you're right

Leila: you didn't know. So stay out of it.

Luke: ok, I will, I'm sorry.

Leila: Luke

Luke: yes..?

Leila: maybe we should take a break..

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