texting my bully | lrh

Luke Hemmings is the true definition of a "Bad Boy"...
But is he really a "bad" boy??


2. Chapter 1 - sorry

Luke: hey Leila

Leila: ....

Luke: now, now, don't act like that.

Leila: why are you texting me?

Luke: because I can

Leila: ok.. but how'd your number end up in my phone again.. I deleted you're number..

Luke: I have my ways

Leila: you're a freak.

Luke: I'm a freak?

Leila: ummm.. yeah that's why I just said it..

Luke: do you have ANY mirrors in your house?

Leila: Luke.

Luke: Leila.

Leila: just leave me alone please?

Luke: I'd be happy to.

Leila: thank you

Luke: but I'm not going to

Leila: I'll block you

Luke: well, why haven't you??

Leila: .....

Luke: exactly

Leila: I will

Luke: if you do, you're gonna regret it

Leila: how so?

Luke: don't act like you don't know

Leila: know what?

Luke: what I'm capable of

Leila: and that is?

Luke: don't play dumb

Leila: hm??

Luke: you know that I can ruin your life with one phone call, one text, one push of a button, one snap of a finger. so if I were you, Leila Elizabeth Clifford, I would cooperate.

Leila: I'm sorry please don't bring anyone else into this Luke, I'm serious.

Luke: oh trust me...you will be.

Leila: I will be what?

Luke: you'll be sorry

Leila: what do you mean?

Luke: you'll see at school tomorrow >:)

Leila: Luke, please, no

Luke: oh and one more thing

Leila: .......

Luke: if you show anyone our messages or tell anyone about any of this, I will ruin you personally.. physically, and mentally.

Leila: Luke wait

Leila: Luke?

Leila: please

Leila: text me back, please Luke.

Leila: I'm sorry, I really am

Leila: I'll behave from now on

Luke: it's too late

Leila: what?

Leila: Luke no

Luke: I'll see you at school.

Luke: sleep tight babygirl.


a/n: okay so if this doesn't make sense, here's basically an explanation of this chapter and the rest of the story/ the direction the story is going in;

Luke is Leila's bully,and also her ex boyfriend. but there's a twist..Luke secretly started having feelings for Leila again and now that they're almost going into their senior years in high school, Luke starts to realize that he might not see Leila ever again after they graduate next year, and he can't let that happen. so he tries everything to make her remember his name for years to come.

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