texting my bully | lrh

Luke Hemmings is the true definition of a "Bad Boy"...
But is he really a "bad" boy??


8. -bonus chapter- Victorias Secret

Michael, calum and I had been walking around the mall for hours and we still hadn't stopped at any places that I've wanted. I stopped walking and Michael looked at me "what's wrong?" "can we go somewhere I want to go?" I sighed and looked up at Michael and calum "uhhhh" Michael looked over to calum who nodded with a smile "sure." "yay!!" I said excitedly "soo..where to Leila?" calum giggled "there" I pointed to a brightly lit sign that read 'Victorias Secret' . both of their eyes went wide with excitement "for real?" Michael chuckled as he raised his eyebrows. I nodded before smiling wide "race you!" I shouted at I pushed the boys out of the way "so not fair!!" calum laughed obnoxiously. I looked back at calum as I sprinted towards the door of The store I know too well, not noticing a boy standing on the other side of it, waiting for someone to finish buying a few items. I bashed through the door and knocked over the blue eyed blondie. I fell on too of him, and all eyes were on us. "I'm so so sorry I didn't see you th-" I began to say before I looked into the bright ocean blue eyes I could recognize anywhere. "Luke?" my voice cracked "you're on my leg.." he said awkwardly as I quickly got off of him. "s-s-sorry" I stuttered as I looked at the ground

"oh my god are you alright?!" I heard Michael and calum enter the store, out of breath from running.

"y-yeah." I blushed. why am I blushing?!

"Luke, let's go!" a girl said from behind him. Luke turned his head and whispered something I couldn't hear, but I could tell the girl didn't like it cause she rolled her eyes and stepped out of the store "hurry up." she said in annoyance. "listen, I'm sorry." Luke said, he was blushing too??

"no, it's fine, I was the one who-" I began to say before he interrupted me

"not for that." he chuckled lightly before kissing me in the cheek. "text me later?" he whispered in my ear, sending chills up my spine "o-okay." I racked my brain trying to find the right words to say. "talk to you later." he smiled sweetly before walking out of the store "ok." I said plainly. Michael and calum looked at me in confusion as I took out my phone and went to my blocked list .

what am I doing?

'are you sure you want to unblock







I clicked the accept button and began typing .

Leila: hey blondie :/

Luke: hey beautiful❤️

..here we go again..

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