The Last Petal...

He grew up full of prejudice. Was taught he was superior. He knew nothing of other people's feelings, nor did he care. The very idea of love and light made him sneer. But what would you expect, from a beast?

For the Beauty and the Beast competition


3. Two

Hermione hustled into the train after hurried goodbyes to her parents.

Her truck repeatedly hit the back of her legs as she walked briskly through the hall the the Head Compartment. She cursed as she again hit her heel on the corner of her trunk.

The door slid easily open and she did not like what she saw. She had to check again to make sure she had the right compartment. Yep, this was the Head Compartment.

"Not you," she groaned at the blond boy already seated inside

He seemed as pleased with the arrangement as she was.

"They expect me to share a dorm and train ride with a Mudblood?" Malfoy sneered standing up

Hermione barely flinched at his remark. She stayed silent and put her trunk on the rack as far away as possible from his.

"Oh no, this is not happening. My father will hear about this!" Malfoy hissed grabbing his truck and starting for the door

Right before he grabbed the handle, however, it opened and revealed Professor McGonagall.

"Wherever are you going, Mr Malfoy?" She asked glancing at the two of them

"I'm leaving, that's what! I will not be Head Boy if she is Head Girl!" Malfoy roared smacking his hand on the top of his trunk

"Mr Malfoy, you are acting like a two-year old. Besides, it is too late to decline the title. You accepted it and are expected to keep it," McGonagall said glaring at him

He scowled and threw his trunk back on the rack, before sitting down with a huff.

"Now, you two will be expected to get along. You don't have to like each other, but you will have to get along. Not buts, Mr Malfoy," McGonagall said before leaving us to get situated

Hermione eventually got up to patrol the corridors just so she didn't have to sit in the same room as him any longer.


He couldn't believe his luck. He was stuck with a Mudblood for the rest of the year! He let out a breath of relief as she left the room, muttering about patrolling the corridors.

He pulled out his book and settled down with it, enjoying the peace for a while. When she came back, she seemed surprised to see him reading, but didn't say anything.

Out of her own trunk, she pulled out a dark blue book with white writing down the spine.

He watched her over the top of his book as she leaned against the wall and stretched out with the book in her hands.

They both sat through the long ride, reading. There seemed to be less tension between them that way.

When the train finally pulled into the station, it was all they could do not to grab their stuff and run out the door.

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