The Last Petal...

He grew up full of prejudice. Was taught he was superior. He knew nothing of other people's feelings, nor did he care. The very idea of love and light made him sneer. But what would you expect, from a beast?

For the Beauty and the Beast competition


4. Three

Hermione sat down at the Gryffindor table with a huff and ran her hand repeatedly through her hair.

"What's up, Hermione?" Ron asked from across the table raising an eyebrow

"Nothing, Ron. Just that I have to share a dorm with no other than, Malfoy," she replied with a scowl

Ginny gave her a sympathetic look, while Harry and Ron glared at the Slytherin table.

Professor McGonagall stood up and began a small speech.

It was so weird not seeing Professor Dumbledore up at the staff table. Even though it had been almost two years since he died, this was the first beginning of the year feast they had attended since than.

Harry and the Weasley's seemed to be thinking along the same lines because their faces all darkened a little bit.

Eventually, food appeared on the table and everyone began to eat.

Hermione couldn't stop thinking about having to share a common room with Malfoy during her last year at Hogwarts. She kept inventing new scenarios and working her way around make-believe problems.

This was going to be an incredibly long year.


Draco groaned as McGonagall stood up for her final words before they were sent to their common rooms.

"Oh poor, Draco. Poor, poor thing. Has to share a dorm with Granger! How will he survive?" Theo said with mock sympathy, dramatically flinging his hand across his forehead

"I hope he's still alive tomorrow!" Blaise joined in leaning back to back with Theo

Pansy leaned her head against his shoulder.

"My poor Drakey," Pansy cooed, petting his arm

He stood up, smirking at Blaise and Theo.

"I'll see you guys at breakfast," he said chuckling slightly

"Bye, you poor soul!" Theo called after him

He walked up to the staff table to meet McGonagall, so she could show him and Granger their rooms.

Granger's unruly hair was visible at the staff table where she was chatting with McGonagall. He sighed knowing there was nothing he could do now.

"Thank you for finally joining us, Mr Malfoy," McGonagall said as he approached

She lead them down several corridors, up many flights of stairs, down a few sets, back up another, through a hidden hallway, and finally to a portrait of an old man in silver robes, blue eyes, and gleaming brown hair.

"Your password is Ice Mice. Now, like I told you before, I expect you to treat each other with respect. You do not have to like each other, but you must get along. Stop sneering Mr Malfoy," McGonagall said before walking back down the corridor

Draco muttered the password before walking in. He heard Granger gasp as she came in behind him.

He had to admit, even he was a little impressed.

The walls were a creamy white, as were the couch, chairs, and carpet. All the wood tables, chairs, and bookshelves were a honey-colored oak. There was a small kitchen with cabinets and flooring made of the same wood, and marble countertops. There was a set of stairs on both sides of the room that lead to the bedrooms. There were also some doors visible around the room.

Granger walked up the right staircase, carpeted in red. He sighed and walked up the left one, carpeted in green.

His room was huge. The fourposter bed was crafted in the same wood as downstairs and had a sliver comforter, green pillows with the Slytherin crest, and a green throw. There was a window overlooking the Quiddich Pitch, an empty dresser, bookshelf, and bedside table. He opened a door to discover a marble bathroom.

He looked at the end of his bed where his truck laid, and started unpacking.


Hermione opened the door to her bedroom and gasped in awe.

There was a fourposter bed with a gold comforter, maroon pillows embedded with the Gryffindor lion, and a maroon throw. There were many windows including one with a bench that looked out on the lake. The bookshelf was already filled with books with a few empty shelves. There was also a bedside table, and a wardrobe. A door on the other side of the room revealed a quarts bathroom with baby blue toiletries. Her favorite color.

Hermione grinned and got to work unpacking everything, while Crookshangs examined the whole place.

She wondered if Malfoy had received a room even half as wonderful.

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