The Last Petal...

He grew up full of prejudice. Was taught he was superior. He knew nothing of other people's feelings, nor did he care. The very idea of love and light made him sneer. But what would you expect, from a beast?

For the Beauty and the Beast competition


11. Ten

Classes were very strange from than on. Draco would glance over at Granger, catch her glancing at him, and smirk while she turned away blushing.

It was as if all memories of the previous years were starting to fade.

Christmas was approaching fast and light, fluffy snow was beginning to make an appearance.

Draco and Granger were sitting in their common room reading one night. It was a crisp, cool night outside the warmth of the room.

Despite the blazing fire in the fireplace, Granger shivered.

Draco looked up from where he was spread out on the couch, to where she was curled up in the armchair.

She shivered again and let out the smallest sneeze ever. It sounded like a kitten or baby sneeze.

Draco smiled in spite of himself.

"Cold, Granger?" He asked smirking

"No! I'm fine!" She squeaked

Draco snorted and stood up. He set his book down, taking care to mark his page, and walked up the stairs to his dorm.


Hermione shivered. The cold nipped at her through her t-shirt and leggings.

She watched Draco climb the stairs wondering what he was doing.

He appeared minutes later with a bundle in his hand.

Hermione cocked her head questioningly.

Draco shook his head at her and threw the bundle at her face.

Hermione squealed and caught it by the skin of her fingers. Draco sat back down, watching her intently.

It was soft, green, and big. Hermione unfolded the bundle and discovered it was Draco's jacket.

"Put it on, Granger," Draco said from his place on the couch.

"Um-"Hermione started

"Don't say anything. Just put it on. You're clearly freezing over there," Draco stated, shrugging

Hermione sighed and pulled the jacket over her head.

She was taken off guard at how powerful his scent was.

It was a mix of cologne, peppermint,

The hoodie was exceptionally warm and cozy. Hermione couldn't suppress the sigh of happiness at being warm.

Draco was still watching her. His eyes moved over the Slytherin emblem stitched on the front and the way the way it fit her petite form.

He nodded his head approvingly before saying,"much better," and going back to reading.

At around ten, Hermione yawned and decided to turn in. She completely forgot about the jacket until she went to change.

She pulled it over her head, put on pj pants and a t-shirt, and once more pulled on the jacket. She convinced herself that it was only because she was still cold; nothing more.

She fell asleep with his scent clinging to her skin. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Draco woke and went to grab his favorite jacket. It wasn't there. He tried to remember where he'd put it when his face broke out in a grin. Granger still had it from last night.

He grabbed a different one and walked out into the corridors. He met up with Blaise and Theo outside the Great Hall.

They had just gotten into a conversation about a new model of broomstick when he felt something graze the back of his neck.

It was extremely light and airy, like a feather.

He put a hand to the back of his neck and looked to his right; in the direction of the movement.

His eyes met Granger's. She was smirking at him and he felt himself smirk back at her. His hand was still at the back of his neck where her finger had run along his skin.

She disappeared into the Hall with a flick of those coffee curls.

When he looked back at his friends, they were smirking.

"What?" Draco asked, going red

"Never thought you'd fall in love before me," Theo said with a growing smile

Blaise just looked at him knowingly.

Draco glared at them.

"No. She's filth," Draco sneered

"Oh, I see. Your still pretending you don't like her. That she's not the one always in your mind. That she doesn't make up most of your world," Theo said

Draco's cheeks glowed red. He huffed and disappeared into the Hall.

Blaise and Theo sat across from him like normal, but didn't mention Granger.

Even though he didn't want to admit it, he couldn't deny the little flutter of his heart when he and Granger made eye contact from across the room.

Flames of jealousy stirred in his heart as Weasley turned her towards him and engulfed in a conversation with her.

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