The Last Petal...

He grew up full of prejudice. Was taught he was superior. He knew nothing of other people's feelings, nor did he care. The very idea of love and light made him sneer. But what would you expect, from a beast?

For the Beauty and the Beast competition


2. One

The letter came early that morning.

In through the window at the crack of dawn.

It laid upon the stomach of a young seventeen year old girl.

She was fast asleep with the blankets only barely covering her legs, and her white t-shirt hiked up to the middle of her chest. Her coffee-colored curls were ratted and strung carelessly over her pillow and face.

Her eyelids flew open to reveal chocolate brown eyes as a deafening noise issued from the phone laying on her nightstand.

She groaned and reached over, swiping the screen, and silencing the beeping. Her legs were thrown over the side of the bed causing the letter to flutter to the ground. She looked down at her pink and blue swirled toenails, the thick letter now in her sight.

She picked it up gingerly, recognizing the seal.

Miss Hermione Jean Granger

The upstairs bedroom

Sunset street 1656

Hermione smiled and lodged a finger under the wax seal. It opened easily. Inside were two thick pieces of parchment, a ticket, a red piece of paper, and a tiny wrapped object.

She read the message from the Headmistress of Hogwarts, and her school supply list. The red paper was next:

Dear Miss Granger,

You have been chosen for the role of Head Girl of Hogwarts. With the war finally over we need one more than ever. Thank you for choosing to come back to Hogwarts and finish your education. As Head Girl, it will be your duty to patrol the corridors with the Head Boy every night from ten to twelve. You will also be responsible for planning events for the students. You will be allowed to take points from houses when necessary, and may use the Prefects bathroom. We await your owl accepting this position no later than October twenty-sixth.

With all my love, Headmistress McGonagall

Hermione excitedly opened the small package and saw a gleaming maroon badge with the words 'Head Girl' in gold. Her smile widened as she set it on her bedside table and bounded to her bathroom for a quick shower.


A boy with pale blond hair, icy blue eyes, and features as hard as rock received a very similar letter. He lugged his trunk down what felt like the hundredth staircase. It was times like these he hated the Manor.

Not wanting to do anymore work, he called for a house elf and went to say goodbye to his parents. He glanced back and saw the little house elf look up at his trunk and try to lift it with quivering legs.

"Try not to break anything, you stupid elf," he sneered before waving his wand and levitating the trunk to the front hall.

His parents hugged him one last time before he grabbed his trunk and Appvorated to the train station. It was packed with parents and excited little children.

A little girl about the age of four, with curly blond hair, and bright green eyes, ran into his leg while she was playing tag with two boys about the same age.

"Sorry!" She said laughing as she glanced back at the two boys

He sneered at her and she suddenly looked even smaller. Her eyes glowed with fright as he pulled his trunk as far away from her as possible. Tears filled her little eyes and her lip quivered as he picked up the toy she had dropped and threw it into the crowd.

She ran off in search for it as he walked up the stairs of the train.

"Draco!" Another boy with dark skin, black hair, kind blue eyes, and a little bit of stubble lining his jaw called out, "Over here!"

He was leaning halfway out of a compartment, and waving Draco over to him.

For the first time that morning, Draco's face broke out in a smile.

"Hey Blaise, how are you?" Draco asked hugging his life-long best friend

"Not bad," he replied shrugging, "I heard you got Head Boy. Congrats on that,"

"Thanks," Draco replied rolling his eyes, "speaking of which, I need to go to the Head Compartment to meet with McGonagall,"

He sighed.

"See you later. Good luck with the Head Girl," Blaise smirked

Draco chuckled and walked down the hall with his truck until he reached the right compartment.

He opened the door to find it empty. After leaning back to check the sign again he knew he was in the right place. Draco pushed his trunk into the basket above and sat down, waiting.

It wasn't until fifteen minutes later when the door slid open again.

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