The Last Petal...

He grew up full of prejudice. Was taught he was superior. He knew nothing of other people's feelings, nor did he care. The very idea of love and light made him sneer. But what would you expect, from a beast?

For the Beauty and the Beast competition


6. Five

Draco was fuming all day. The flash of triumph in Grangers eyes kept playing in the back of his mind. How was he going to get back at her?

He sat in the dorm during his free period, thinking. The answer, came slinking up to him, purring.

He smirked down at Granger's beloved cat. He picked it up and looked around before walking to his room. After locking the creature in the bathroom, he walked up to Granger's room.

He cursed when he tried the handle and it didn't work. The wand in his pocket made its presence known by jabbing him in the ribs.

Grabbing it, he quickly unlocked the door and stumbled in. Jealously of her magnificent room drove his anger over the edge. He torn items down from shelves, tore covers off books, walked into the bathroom, broke or spilt everything in there, than walked back out and ripped the blankets off her bed.

A photo fluttered to the ground in front of him as he grabbed a pillow and flung it across the room.

He looked closer. It was a picture of two adults in their mid-thirties. They were at a water park . The woman looked a lot like Granger, the man was built like her. He saw a little girl in between them. She had wavy, wet hair and a huge smile on her face.

He caught himself smiling a bit and quickly contorted his face back to a sneer.

Draco was about to rip the picture, but couldn't do it. He laid it at the top of the bed were the pillows used to be.

The second he sat down on the couch downstairs, the portrait hole opened. Granger walked in pulling her hair back into a ponytail. The pieces of hair in the front that weren't long enough to be pulled back curled slightly into ringlets around her face.

She frowned at the sight of him and marched off to her bedroom. He waited for her reaction.


Hermione opened the door of her room and let out a loud scream at the sight of it. It looked like she had been robbed! Everything was taken from its spot and thrown carelessly around the room.

"Crookshangs!" She called walking farther into the room

The ginger cat gave no reply and no figure appeared from the mess. She rummaged through the mess and let out a cry of pain as she cut the soft flesh of her palm on broken glass.

She ran back down the stairs.

"Malfoy! What the heck the you do to my room!?" She yelled at him

"I don't know what you're talking about," he replied with a smirk

"What is this about?! Is it about this morning?" Hermione cried with angry tears forming in her eyes

"It's about more than this morning," Malfoy said standing up

He was quite a bit taller than her, but Hermione held her ground.

"It's my blood than isn't it? Do you still not see that I am no different from you? That I am a person! Has Voldemort shown you nothing?" Hermione yelled, "have you ever cared about anyone other than yourself?!"

"Don't you dare speak the Dark Lords name! You do not respect him at all! You filthy, little, mudblood!" Malfoy hissed at her

Hermione lunged at him. He cried out as her nails raked his arm. Blood welled up and he glared at her.

She realized what she had done and looked at her hand, the same one she had cut, in horror.

He looked at his arm and the handprint left behind.

"I'm so sorry!" Hermione shrieked

"Since when are you bleeding?" He asked looking at her hand

"I-I cut it on some broken glass. Draco, I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking," Hermione explained

"Well, a cut for a cut, I guess," Malfoy said shrugging, but still glaring

He walked up the stairs of his room.

Hermione heard the water in his bathroom running, and a cat nudged open his door, bounding over the her.

"Crookshangs!" She called out sinking to her knees and hugging him

She eventually got up with the furry mass in her arms and went back to her disaster of a bedroom.

After a few repairing spells, the room was back to normal, except for the blankets.

She pulled up the blankets and was bringing the pillows back when she spotted the picture.

It was the picture of her and her parents the summer they found out she was a wizard. They had gone to a water park to celebrate. It had been one of the best days of her life since she couldn't spend much time with her parents. Mostly, she had stayed at daycare while her parents were working.

That was the only thing not broken in the whole room.

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