The Piano and the Violin

This is my first "Your Lie In April" story. It's Anime so yeah.... I am still thinking on making it a book series soooo, yep. (worst description i ever made) lol. hope you like it!


3. Something Amazing

      That evening, Kousei was walking back to the Concert. He noticed that there was a sign on the front door that read:



      Kousei looked at the sign, then he started to remember what happened at the Concert. His eyes got wide. He turned to where the hospital was. He ran towards it. It was closed for some reason. He looked for his cell phone inside his pocket.

      It wasn't there. He realized he left it backstage in the practice room. He started to hear footsteps coming from behind him. "Kousei! Is that you?" a familiar voice said.

      Kousei turned around and saw his friend Ryota running towards him. "Ryota! Where's Kaori? Is she okay?" Kousei shouted worriedly. "Her wrist is broken. Luckily she is fine.... almost." Ryota said with an unhappy look.

     Then he sighed. "Ryota, what's wrong?" Kousei asked him. "Dude. Why didn't you tell us about your mother, and your crush on Kaori, and you having a cur—" Kousei cut him off. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you read my Journal?" Ryota sighed and nodded guiltily.

     "I couldn't help it. I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you for not telling me, i'm just.... disappointed. And i understand if you don't forgive me... but i have a question... how did you get away from that weirdo?" Kousei put a hand on Ryota's shoulder and said, "I forgive you. And i'll tell you the whole story when we go to see Kaori... wherever she is anyway." He said while grinning at Ryota. Ryota grinned back.




     That night when they got to the hospital 12 blocks down the street, they went to see how Kaori was holding up. She was talking to Tsubaki, who was laughing at a joke she had just made. Kousei walked into the room with Ryota. Tsubaki smiled and came over and hugged Kousei. He smiled and looked back at Ryota.

     He gestured for Kousei to sit by Kaori. He nodded and went to see her. "Maybe I should let them be together for a change." Ryota said happily. "Are you sure you're alright with that? After all, you do like her." Tsubaki said.

     Ryota nodded and said, "I'm sure they want to be together so, yep i'm sure. So, we'll give them some space for a bit." Ryota replied. And as they went out, Kousei sat next to Kaori. She smiled.

     He frowned and a tear came down his cheek. "I — love — you," He sobbed. "I will never forget what you did for me everyday. You are the reason i'm still playing piano. I love you so —" Her right hand touched his cheek.

     He stopped and looked up at her. She leaned close and kissed him. "I love you too," she mumbled. "I believe in you, Kousei." she added.


He smiled and she smiled too.   

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