The Piano and the Violin

This is my first "Your Lie In April" story. It's Anime so yeah.... I am still thinking on making it a book series soooo, yep. (worst description i ever made) lol. hope you like it!


2. Intruder

      Kousei and Kaori weren't on the stage yet. As always, Tsubaki and Ryota were sitting in the 3rd row. The Judges were sitting in the front. Most of them were smiling and one of them wasn't. He was waiting for thirty minutes.

     "Ugh, they should of been out here already," He said. "Send someone in the practice room!" He gestured for the stage manager to come and get them. The stage manager went into the practice room and came out panicking.

     "Everyone! The Contest has to be canceled! Someone has injured the Violinist! The Pianist is gone! He's nowhere in sight!" she shouted. Ryota stood up from his seat and ran into the hall. Tsubaki was following closely behind him. They found Kaori laying down crying in pain.

     "I think someone broke my wrist! It's my left!" She sobbed. "That's the one you use for the strings! Oh, this person is gonna get it so bad!" Ryota said. "He took Kousei somewhere... i think it was called... RedBridge Road. Don't follow him! He will hurt you.... probably worse than this!" She said breathlessly.

     "I'll call 911, don't you worry! They'll find Kousei!" Tsubaki said while trying to help Kaori to her feet. Ryota picked up Kaori's Violin and the case. Tsubaki brought her phone out and dialed 911 and set Kaori down on a chair. After the call, They went to the hospital.



      Kousei woke in a strange place. It was a house. Its windows were boarded up. He looked to his right and saw someone standing in the entryway. It was a boy.

     The boy stared at him, he grinned evilly and chuckled deeply to himself. Kousei realized he was tied to a chair. He sat there and stared back at the boy. "Ah, I see that you're awake, Kousei." He said with a smirk.

     Kousei's eyes got wide. "How do you know my name?" Kousei asked. "Don't you remember me? No? Well, I thought not. My name is Tayson Grey. Sound familiar?" Tayson asked him. "You're Tayson? No, no, no, you were one of my best friends back in 1st grade... how can you be him?! This is insane—" Kousei was cut off by Tayson's voice. "You became the most famous kid in our school! You know why? You were amazing at piano! And I was jealous and I got kicked out for something that i did. Do you know what it was? Murder. Then i realized I wanted power to kill you and i've never had the chance! But now I will get the chance."

     As he spoke, Kousei was starting to tear up. Then he burst out, "I NEVER WANTED TO PLAY! Until I—" 

"Until you met Kaori! I know that." Tayson interrupted. "How — how do you know all this?" Kousei sobbed. "I know all about your stupid friends and your mother. I know everything about your life and how you die, I can read your mind Because I have chose to use powers. I can see the future and the past." Tayson said with an evil grin. "You are crazy! And don't you dare call my friends stupid," Kousei said angrily. "The police will come and you will be taken to jail!" And with that, the ropes around his hands and feet snapped at the same time. Kousei stood and punched Tayson in the nose. He ran out of the house as fast as he could. He had no clue how he got out of the ropes... but he somehow thought he had powers too.          




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