feelings can be complicated and sometimes it's hard to express them. Eepically if your the type of person to screw it up.


1. Love to kiss you

I saw her in the hall, the one Iv'e had a crush on for ages. I just wanna kiss her so bad. And tell her how I feel.The only problem is she barley knows me and I'm socially awkward. Sometimes I try to walk a certain way for her to notice me but that doesn't seem to work in fact it seemed liked I scared her. Maybe I should try a different tactic like give her a compliment. Well I thought that would work, unfortunately my awkwardness had to ruin everything. I told Vanessa,my Crush That she looked good in those jeans did you get them from target. After I said that my mind went completely blank I don't really know what happened after that.


Part 2 coming soon

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