Mind Games


2. Day 2

This was the first time I had spoken about this aloud with anybody, and though I’d only met Juan three days prior, I felt I could trust him.

It was about 2pm on a Thursday afternoon in mid July, the sun was high and mighty, but so to was I. I’d just been offered a promotion, and although pizza restaurants were fast becoming a thing of the past, I couldn’t wait to tell Jen about it. It had not been 10 years since we first met; in fact it was 10 years to the date in 2 days time.

I raced home, weaving through the nonchalant traffic on my red and black 50cc scooter. A skill that it appeared not every driver was comfortable with, but made my adrenaline pump, so I did it all the same.

We decided to celebrate that night by going out for dinner and drinks, something that wasn’t out of the ordinary for us, except for the fact it was a Thursday night. I remember grabbing Jen by the arm and asking her something along the lines of “Which kinds of people go out on Thursday nights?”

To which she replied, “It’s just another day, Omar, and this one in particular, is your day.” She always knew how to ease my nerves.

Jen mixed us a cocktail she called the ‘Mr. Manager’, which we both threw down before walking out the door…

And that was the last thing I remember before I woke up in a blockbuster car park alongside Jen. The back seat of the car we were in was playing host to a variety of fluids, varying from reds to deep browns to almost whites. On the floor at Jen’s feet was a sandwich bag filled with some form of white powder – I presumed it to be the cause of my sudden amnesia.

Jen was of small stature, curled up on the passengers seat in what I could only call the fetal position, but not for long. I shook her, but she wouldn’t move, so I shook her some more, until finally she let out a sigh and her eyes flitted open.!!!!

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