The Vampire Origins (Book 4)

(THIS IS THE 4TH BOOK) While the queen of the new Era is gone and away 'recovering' I will tell you a story. A story about the first of our kind. As hard as it is to believe I am not the first one. My name is Selene and I will be guiding the story along this time while Gabby is away. This will be a story about the first vampire. The very first one. The one that started all of this nonsense.


12. Trying to Gain Control

          My eyes opened and I found myself staring at the ceiling of my basement in the dark. I shut my eyes and ran a hand over my face to help wake me up. The words,'You were planning something,' slipped into my head making me blot out of my bed and get ready for the day. I was pulling on a dark red dress with a lace pattern from my neck to my arms. The dress was short and cute looking. The moment it was on me I went to brush my hair, still in a completely dark room. I had completely forgotten what had happened last night until I remembered why I was in the basement. What had come over me that made me act like that? What demon made me kill all of those nice- my thoughts were interrupted as my stomach let out a great growl. It seemed that my blood lust thing was not gone for long. I needed to know how to control this and I needed to know what I was becoming. I did not feel safe being in my own body know. I sighed and went on brushing my hair until the pain and growling in my stomach had only gotten worst. 

          'Fine, Later. But now feed.' I thought and got up from where I sat brushing my hair. I looked at myself once more in the mirror and sighed tonight was going to be a long night. "Just don't kill anyone tonight, okay? I do not want another death on my hands," I muttered to myself slipping on my shoes and a small jacket to make it look like I am trying to keep warm. I lifted the corners of my mouth at the thought and went on my way. It seemed that only a few people dared to break the law, or was it a law? Can we really go out at night and no one will catch usMaybe, but I had been raised on if you leave the house and are not back by a certain time something will get you and so on and so forth. I looked around as I walked looking and searching the darkest of places for something anything to end this pain building slowly in my stomach. It was starting to feel as though someone was stabbing a knife in my chest and thinking that I wouldn't be able to feel it as they moved t around. It was also getting harder to breathe like I was being pulled under water and nothing was saving me from being drowned. When I ran across someone I almost bit them right there without caring if I killed them or not. "Help me..." I whispered and feel to the ground in front of her. I heard her gasp and then she knelt down to me trying to see if my heart was going and if is was dying or not. Of course, I thought to myself, the village nurse, Sarah. I had never liked her. I forced my eyes open to look at her.

          "Are you alright? Do you need medical help?" She asked and felt my wrist. When she sighed I closed my eyes and I thought that she might think I was dead now. The prayer that she mumbled to herself when she laid my hand back down told me that she thought I was dead. I thought for a moment before me hungry got the best of me and I opened my eyes and lifted my head. She gasped and covered her mouth with her blood soaked hands. I wonder where that blood came from. "Your heart beat stood still for a moment in time and, god thank you, that you are not dead," She said and hugged me tightly to her. I felt my fangs come out and I sunk them into her neck without a second thought to it. I heard her scream before she started to struggle against me. I felt her hit my back and pull my hair, but the pain that I should have felt was not found in me. I heard her heart like it was a drum in my ears. Growing louder and faster and making me want to end the horrible sound. It was beating but it sounded like someone let their child play on pots and pans. I heard the beat getting quieter and quieter. I tried to pull away. I fought with my hands to let go as the sound got softer and softer. I took a small breath and told myself that I was not going to kill her. I told myself that over and over again until I stopped. She was bearly alive but she was not dead. I smiled at it and laughed. 

          "I did it! I did not kill her!" I yelled happily before I looked around to see if anyone had heard me. I jumped up and down for a moment more before I made sure that she got some help. I picked her up and helped her walk to the closest home. "Help us," I said loudly into the door. The door opened almost instantly. It was a mother wearing a nightshirt and holding a candle. She rubbed her eyes sleepily before she took in what had happened. " I did not see what had happened. All I know is that I was walking and I saw her in the street. She was hurt and bleeding. I did not know what to do," I told her and helped take her inside. I helped her and waited with her for a few hours before I told the women, "I am sorry. I wish that I can stay and see that she will get better but I must leave now. My mother is probably worried about why I am not home yet. Will you tell me tomorrow night if she will be okay?" When she nodded her head I left the room quietly and made it back to my own house. I had things that I had to get done before I could allow myself to do anything else. 

          I grabbed a piece of paper and sat down at the dining table. I did not know what I was going to have them build for me but I knew that it was going to be nice and not big but not small either. I pictured what I wanted this new home of mine to look like before I set pencil to paper. With my eyes still closed and the picture in my head, I let my hand guild the pencil to make what I saw in my mind. My hand took the pencil from left to right back to the left side of the paper. I did not dare open my eyes for fear that it would distract me and I would not get this done right away. When I felt my hand stop moving I held my eyes closed for a second longer afraid that it was going to be bad, but when I opened my eyes I saw what I had seen in my mind out on paper. It was a wooden cabin surrounded by trees. Steps coming up to a small porch with two glass windows on the either side of the door. I saw the same four pillars on each side of the steps and the same fence that made it much safer for me to walk at night. I knew that this was going to look very nice when I got done with it. I was going to add so many things like purple flowers, and the blood red rose. Maybe even a garden behind the place, but for now it was done and I was getting hungry again. I sighed and got up from my spot at the dining table.

          I walked outside and found it almost like a ghost town. It seemed that I was going to have to go inside someone house and feed that way. I found my feet guiding me to a house that I knew was Jacob's. He might already be dead, but his mother and father were not dead. They were grieving his lost or trying to make a new son or daughter to carry down their lineage. I smiled at the feeling and found myself going through Jacob's old room to his fathers. His father was a big man, with a black beard growing slightly I did not know about his eyes seeing as how they were asleep. I touched his face softly and watched as he pressed his face into my hand. I smiled at the small movement and pulled my hand back to touch his neck. I felt him shiver at the touch of my hand on his neck, which made me smile more. I leaned closer to put my lips on his neck and kissed softly. Something in me was making me be kind to him and something was telling me that this is what I should do. I kissed his neck more and more until he moaned softly and then I bite him. I felt his hand hold my head to his neck and knew that when I was done I could move his hand from the backside of my head. I smiled and listen to his heartbeat making sure that I didn't take too much. When his heart starts to slow I draw back and watch as the small little bites heal themselves by my own will. I smiled at it and walked back to my house.

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