The Vampire Origins (Book 4)

(THIS IS THE 4TH BOOK) While the queen of the new Era is gone and away 'recovering' I will tell you a story. A story about the first of our kind. As hard as it is to believe I am not the first one. My name is Selene and I will be guiding the story along this time while Gabby is away. This will be a story about the first vampire. The very first one. The one that started all of this nonsense.


9. The Night Of...

          After I said yes and everyone got over the tears and all of that sort of thing, the guest to the party started to arrive. I took Jacob up to my room until it was so loud that I could not even hear him with the party so loud in the basement. "What the hell are you doing Jacob?" I asked him in a hissed whisper. He looked shocked that I had said such a thing.

          "Is that any way to treat your new husband? I am the only one here that knows your little secret. I believe you want to keep it that way as well, am I correct? I like you, Elizabeth. I really like. I like the way you speak, the way you move, the way you dress, and everything in between. And you are my wife. You know the rules Elizabeth, you know them about marriage. One asks, the other says yes, they have a white wedding and then the honeymoon night right after. And you know that a child comes from those nights. Always unless you can not have children," He said back to me. I wondered what I had gotten myself into the moment the threats came from him. I had thought that I made the right choice by saying yes to him, but it seems that I have made the wrong one. He left my room at that moment, humming a tune I knew that I would never forget. I looked out of my large curling window, out at the grass and how lovely it would be to steal away from here once more and go into the middle of nowhere and spend a night under the stars once more. I knew that I was never going to be able to hide from Jacob, never be able to run, never be able to leave, no one will believe me if I have bruise's on my skin. I looked at my skin in the bright room and saw to my dismay that it was whiter than it had been moments ago. I tilted my head and looked at it curiously. It was just like the brush. The moment I paid it to mind it went away, but the moment my eyes stopped lingering on the brush it moved. 

          "How odd," I said and got up from my bed. I hear my mother call for me to come downstairs and join in the party that she had made for me. "Coming!" I yelled back to her. I sighed looked in the mirror to make sure that I had a happy smile on my face like everyone had thought that I would have on my face, and I walked down the steps into the basement with a heavy feeling in my heart with each step closer I got to my soon to be husband. The moment my foot hit the last step the door was opened and I was revealed to everyone in the room. I closed my eyes and smiled when I opened my eyes I found everyone staring at me worriedly. "What?" I asked them slightly confused. Before I had the chance to have an answer y eye went to the decorations. There were white flowers on every one of the tables that my mother had set up. The covers on the tables that my mother had set up were blood red. I wondered where my mother got the idea for the color, but not before long my eyes were caught on the ceiling lights. They were covered with a light red as well. I looked all around the room. It was red and white everywhere. I knew that my mother does thing by the meaning of what they represent. Red, for instance, to her means passion and angry and love. And black, to her, means death and mystery and evil. So no black in this house, unless it is hidden very well, which most of the things that I have in black are. After a moment or so I looked back at the crowd, who was still looking at me oddly, but I said nothing and made my way to Jacob, who like the rest of the crowd was staring at me with worry. I knew all to well that this was an act. 

          "Are you feeling alright?" He asked me getting out of his trance and taking my hand. I nodded my head and looked over at him questioningly. "Are you sure? You look like you are about to pass out on your feet," He said once more looking back out at the whole crowd, who had gotten out of their trance as well. I nodded my head once more and lifted my hands to pat myself down in a way to say that I am fine. "Okay, but let me know if you need a rest or feel ill," He said and wrapped an arm around my shoulders to press me closer to him. I wanted to growl and tell him to keep his filthy hands to himself, but instead, I kept a painted smile on my face even though I was suffering. My mother looked over at me and smiled brightly. I did not return it, but pretended to not even see it. I was in my own little world after all. The main reason I had never been to one of these parties was because I never was fond of sticking around people or large crowds for very long. 

          "Can I go now? I am not feeling very well, at the moment," I said looking up at Jacob. He looked down at me and felt my forehead. He kissed my head before nodding and pushing me towards the door. I smiled as he stayed behind and handled everyone else. If he did not have such a rotten temper then maybe one day I could have loved him. I sighed at the thought and went to the restroom to take care of what I needed to. I was lucky that we did not have one in the basement. I walked upstairs to use the restroom, but I did not feel like going back to the party. I had not been allowed out of the house all week after my 'sleep walking' issue, my mother and father have not seen this but I have been very quietly going insane with lack of sunlight and moonlight. I sunk my way out of the house while everyone was too busy to hear me. The moment I was outside I slipped my shoes off and set them down next to the door. I smiled down devilishly at them and took off for the trees. When I hit the trees I smiled and whispered to one of them as I ran past it, "Help me. Allow no one to follow me. I am sorry for being away so long. I have gotten in trouble for running away. Make sure no one finds me please." I smiled and ran past them until I could hardly see the village until I was so far gone my legs started to cramp up and I had to stop otherwise I would fall to the ground. "Can I find my little field so I can see the stars?" I asked the trees. To me, they always answered. I closed my eyes and listened for sound, I always hear the trees, when the wind blows they sing unless they were asked something. The trees said yes to me and, with my eyes still closed, I allowed my feet to take me where I wanted to go. I opened my eyes when I had stopped moving. I smiled at my little homemade tent and went to get one of my own dresses out of my bag. 

          I looked at all of the dresses and pulled out one that was black with the string coming off of the whole front. I smiled at it. This one was the hardest for me to make because of all the sequins and with the cute ruffles at the bottom. The straps were hand made by me in a deep purple color. I slipped off my new, nice white dress and slipped the black one on over my head. I looked down at myself and thought that it was a bit too long now. I grabbed my knife and cut a small bit off of the bottom. I looked down at myself now and it was perfect for me. I smiled at it and left the little tent. "Woods, I am yours now. What shall we do?" I asked the trees smiling at them. I knew that they would be smiling back if they could. The wind stilled for a moment and I stilled with it as an idea came to me. This was the first time I had ever thought of this. To stay here all night long. "Yes, what a wonderful idea. I shall stay here all night long if that is what you want," I smiled and ran touching every tree that I could until I ran out of breath. We had had such a good time. I looked up at the sky to see the moon coming up and smiled at it for a moment. I loved the moon just like I loved the sun. 

          I held my stomach as something happened there. It seemed I was getting hungry and I laughed at myself. "Woods, can you give me a berry bush to eat from?" I asked and closed my eyes before I opened them I heard something growing very fast. I opened my eyes and smiled as I saw a berry bush fully grown right in front of me and picked a few berries off to eat. I popped them into my mouth and smiled as the small berries popped and the taste of blueberries filled my mouth. I closed my eyes and felt my stomach go back to normal. After a while more of eating all the berries off of the brush, I went back to my small tent and got ready to sleep. The moment I closed my eyes I felt myself drifting up and up towards the moon, yet I still felt the ground underneath me. I smiled and let sleep take hold of me.

           I woke a little while later to someone shaking me awake. I looked around the small tent and saw no one there. That was odd I knew someone was just in here shaking me to wake up. I wrapped a spare blanket around myself and went outside the tent. I saw a shadow standing far from my tent, and I should not know that he was staring at me, but I did know that he was staring at me. I could feel that he was. "Hello?" I asked sleepily to him. He titled his head slightly. I walked closer to him. "Are you lost?" I asked him. He shook his head. Okay, so he knew where he was. "Who are you?" I asked him. He pointed to his throat. "Are you in need of water?" I asked him. He shook his head. "Then what do you need?" I asked him getting curious now. He smiled and held out his hand to me. I took his hand and felt mine going through it. I knew my eyes had gone wide with shock. I looked back up at him trying to control it. He saw him smile and let out a small chuckle. This time I stopped breathing altogether as he came closer and closer to me. 

          "You are the perfect person for her. Come I have something to show you," He said and walked through me. When I opened my eyes this time I was in a very bright room looking at a door. I saw people looking at me and felt someone taking my hand and turning me to look behind me. I turned and saw to my shock a very elderly person sitting on a throne. I knelt to show my respect. She whispered something and I was pulled to my feet once more.

          "She is perfect... Come here, child... Hurry... we mustn't wait any longer... else it be too late... for me..." She whispered softly. Somehow I could here and I did as I was told to do so. "Come... take my hands... Let her... see the paper," She coughed slightly before I took her hands and a paper was shoved in front of my face. "Now child, say the words on the paper in front of you," She told me steadily. I read the words out loud.

          "Venite ad me ut vitam ... ... ... ut per te anima mea in me in virtute ... percutere animam meam ut darem eam ... ut ... in æternum vive: Fac eam amplius," And I read them again and again and again because I was told to read the whole page in front of me. At some point during this, I felt myself going limp, but I felt as though I had to finish reading the page. It felt like I was under a spell of sorts and no matter what I did I had to read the page. When the page stopped and nothing else was on it I was still saying the words. It had become a chant to me and I needed to say them. I only stopped when I was in so much pain that it felt I would bite my tongue right off. I heard shrieking and I knew that it was not from me. I opened my eyes and found myself right in front of the elderly woman on the throne. I smiled at her sweetly. 

          "Good. Very good. But my time is very close to being done now. I must share with you, my knowledge of everything. Do not be afraid it does not hurt... much," She said and snatched my hands before I could take them back. "Sublata enim memoriae meae Tiones tuas carpent Sublata enim scientia Et dabo tibi animam autem do vobis meam sententiam Quae omnes scire. Sic fiat!" She said weakly. I screamed as it felt like someone was cuting my head open with nothing to numb the pain. I screamed until I passed out. 

          When I woke up I was in my own tent wearing the white dress that my mother had given me last night. I sighed and got up from my little bed shivering slightly. 

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