The Vampire Origins (Book 4)

(THIS IS THE 4TH BOOK) While the queen of the new Era is gone and away 'recovering' I will tell you a story. A story about the first of our kind. As hard as it is to believe I am not the first one. My name is Selene and I will be guiding the story along this time while Gabby is away. This will be a story about the first vampire. The very first one. The one that started all of this nonsense.


13. The Group of Four

          I awoke from my death like slumber to see pitch black above me. Thinking that death had finally come to claim me I smiled and went willingly. My eyes had just pierced through the blackness when the light from the room was flipped on. I shrieked and flashed fangs at whoever was at the door before I looked and saw that it was a man. Not just a random one but one of whom I had killed his whole family. I wanted to take pity on him but something in me told me that I would need him. I smiled at him and he shrunk away from me. I looked at him and he went stiff. I had not a clue what I was doing all I know is that something in me knew just what to do. I was told by my mind that I needed to get him to sit and he sat down right on the floor. I laughed and walked slowly over to him as though I was eyeing and sizing up my prey. He walked backward until he hit a wall all the way across from me. When he did he looked away and pulled a cross out of his shirt. I threw my head back laughing for some reason. I had always thought that vampires could not look at a cross but this one just made me laugh. I felt my fangs come out and knew that I was hungry. Sighing I walked closer to him and took the cross out of his hand. I made he look at me as I took his wrist and held it to my mouth. I was making sure that I was not taking too much but also that he was not feeling much pain from my bite. I had a problem last time with them screaming because of the pain. I knew that he was still watching me and he was confused, I got that from his mind. I ripped myself away from him and smiled when I put my fangs away. He looked at his wrist curiously. I entered his mind and read that he had only come to see if I was real. I smiled and wiped the blood from my lips with a white piece of cloth. I slipped the thought into his mind that he should wait where he was until I came back out. 

          I walked into my room and went right to my dresser. I pulled open one draw after enough before I heard my bedroom door open again. I looked shocked over my shoulder to see that the man I had told to stay outside the room was in my room once more. But this time he held a box in his hand. He set it nicely on my bed and looked at me for a moment before he mentioned for me to see what was in the box. I looked at him for a moment before I walked over to the box not taking my eyes off of his hands. I opened the box and forced my eyes away from his hands to see the white cloth in the box. I frowned and picked it up to show that it was a white dress. I titled my head at it and smiled slightly. "It looks nice," I said softly. I knew he was happy about giving it to me as well when he put a hand on my shoulder. His hands were warm where I was cold. I could hear the blood rushing through his veins and it made me crave more blood. He pulled his hand away from me as I looked down at it. I felt my fangs coming out for it. He lost his smile and backed away. "I would not do that if I was you. You see I am hungry again and all I can think to abut if driving my fangs into your flesh and drinking until you are dead," I told him not looking or facing towards him. I heard him gulp and his heart rate picked up. I could smell the fear coming off of him. "Leave and find me, someone, to drink. Bring them here and then leave the room understood? I do not wish to kill you or them," I said still looking at my shoulder. He moved and was out the door before I said anything more. I let out a breath that I had held in and sighed as my fangs went back into my mouth. I turned my head back to the dress and looked at it once more for a second without moving. I slowly let it back onto the bed before I began to strip out of the clothing I had worn to bed. I looked back over at my own clothing before I lifted the dress back up. I sighed and picked the dress up and pulled it over my head just as a soft knock came to my ears. I smiled and pulled the dress all the way down. "You may enter," I said as I finished to pull the dress over myself. The door opened but I never heard it close.

          "I am sorry. I thought you had said enter. I shall see him back out then," He said with a fist over his heart. He bowed with closed eyes and left the room. I wanted to laugh but I watched him leave not saying a word. I was going to ask him wheat he was doing with the fist over the heart thing. I slipped on the white dress fully and felt it touch my feet as it hit the floor. I smiled at the feeling and looked at myself in the mirror. It looked very nice. The design in the middle was unique from the other dresses I have worn. It looked like a mix of knots tied together but also not together at the same time, and it was a v- neck dress. It cut somewhat low but not low enough to see anything important. The straps were the hardest for me to figure out. I did not have many dresses with straps that were tied together with knots all over it. It looked as though someone had thought to braid the strips with several knots mixed with it. I smiled at them and held the dress up as I walked to the door. I opened it to find two people standing outside my door facing away from me. I smiled and taped them to move. They did at once and I found the person behind this was the one who I had fed from first. I smiled and walked out to the person he held out to me. I went into his mind to find out more about him. The moment I smelt his blood I couldn't help but try it. I felt my fangs push the way out and from the look on the person's face, they saw them too. I reached up sweetly and pulled their neck down to me feeling the way they tried to not do what I wanted. I stuck my fangs into their neck and heard the murmured at what I was doing. I was taking blood but putting it in his mind that he was enjoying it. I felt his hands slip around my neck trying to pull me closer. I sighed when I let him go. He was going to be weak the next day but his blood was sweet as well. I nodded to the person who had brought him to me. 

         "He shall stay here until strong again. Now we have business that we must take care of," I told them all. I sat down on a couch and waited for everyone to come and join me. They all looked like very nice people and I wanted them near me for a while but that could change if they were to be killed. I thought on that for a moment before I spoke sweetly to them all. "Well, I need a new house. This one smells like death and I would like to us this as a meeting house. Where we do all of our things that need to be done. I don't know why but you all are very important to me and I don't want you dead. I have things that have to get done and I have to protect you all at the seem time." I held up a hand as someone tried to speak to me. "Please wait until I finish. Back to what I was saying. I have to protect all of you and keep up my life. I will need your help as to have this house built during the day and night while I can oversee its building. I would like a basement with two rooms. IN this house. I have the blueprints down in my room. Now you may speak," I told him looking at him.

          "You need not protect us if you would turn us to what you are. Of course, though it is your choice. You could leave us as we are and let us age and die or turn us into what you are, my queen. We are here to serve and aid you in any way that we can," He said firmly. I cocked my head to the side and thought about his words for a moment. I nodded my head. I would turn them when they were on death's bed. At that time would them be with me until I draw my last breath. I looked back over at him taking in his outward appearance. He had blonde hair that was looking like it was turning gray but not quite there yet. He was also growing a slight beard, which was normal for people in my village. But other than that he looked nice and had a very sweet looking smile. I shifted my eyes to the other two. They looked a little like twins. Same hair color and same facial feathers. They were both dark of hair but their eyes held a different story. Just from their eyes, I could tell they were in the same family but each had done things the other did not know about. Of course, the story in the eyes was different as well as the eye color. One had green eyes while the other had deep brown ones that one could find themselves floating through and yet never find a thing out about the person. The blonde, on the other hand, had nice dark blue eyes. His eyes looked like the depths of the ocean without light, but it still shone blue. The blonde coughed slightly and I refocused myself on the task. "If what you wish us to do is help you build a new home we shall do so. But we have to ask one thing. When do you wish it done?" He asked as I took a deep breath. I could smell all of their fear and lust. It was a very nice mix and made me hungry. 

          I felt my fangs slip out and looked over t the group. I can not take again from the blonde so I was going to have to choice one of the others. The first one my eyes landed one was the one with green eyes. I pointed at him and left the room. I walked right to the kitchen with him behind me feeling very scared but the lust that was pouring off with him was very bad for me. The moment I stopped walking and turned to face him it was almost like I was sitting in a room full of lust and fear. It was very bad but felt very good. I pulled him to me and went straight for the neck forgetting that I should have taken control over him as my fangs slipped through his skin. I felt him stiffen before I took control and he was trying to get me closer. I took just enough from him and stepped back with blood slipping down my fangs and onto my pale face. I smiled and walked with him back to the room dabbing my face with a red hand scherif. He sat down just as I spoke the answer to the question, "I do not care when it is finished so long as it gets done." I looked at them slightly before I added, "You might have to get people to help you and if that be the case tell me who and I shall leave them a note before three nights are finished." 

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