The Vampire Origins (Book 4)

(THIS IS THE 4TH BOOK) While the queen of the new Era is gone and away 'recovering' I will tell you a story. A story about the first of our kind. As hard as it is to believe I am not the first one. My name is Selene and I will be guiding the story along this time while Gabby is away. This will be a story about the first vampire. The very first one. The one that started all of this nonsense.


15. My Death & Sangar

          When I stopped walking the head of the builders stopped as well. I was smiling up at him while he was looking blankly at the woods. I let my control go just as I pulled him to my lips. My fangs came out right as I heard someone scream, "Stop!" at me. I took control over him once more and waited until Sangar came out followed by the two brother's and the blonde both of whom were wearing frowns. "You can not feed on him," He told me his voice filled with angry. Instead of speaking I raised my eyebrow wanting him to continue with his words. He looked flustered at me and then to the builder. I sent the builder to go and help with the building. "You can not go around feeding on anyone you like. It is wrong. I-"

          I rushed at him and pinned him to a nearby tree. I felt his fear as my fangs pressed lightly into his neck just bearly breaking skin. "What do you wish me to do when I am hungry? Do you wish me to feed on you then? Do you want to know what it feels like to have fangs in your neck? Is that it? Right now those men back there think you are mine. My little boy toy," I whispered into his ear punctuating each word of my possessiveness with a breath and my lips getting closer to his ear. I knew I was getting all kinds of looks from the men behind me, but I did not care. I cared more about Sangar who I was enjoying playing with. He was shivering because of me, making me want to bite him more. "If you do not stop I am going to bite you. You make me hungry for you but I fear that if I do what I wish then you will not live," I spoke lightly backing away from him. I looked over to the group. "He will be joining us. Get used to him or I will make you get used to him," I spoke and walked away smiling. I knew that they were following me until my home once more. I walked over to the dinner table that my mother and father would have been sitting at with me had I not killed them. That thought haunted me for a moment before every took a seat and we started our talk. "I know that you all know me but I do not know any of you. I only know Sangar who seems to love getting in my way. Here is what I want to happen. I want you to all tell me your name and something that you like to do. I also want you to understand I might not remember your name and you might have to say it more than once," I spoke softly. Looking over at the blonde hair man to start first I saw that the was looking right back at me like he was scared of something.

          I continued to watch him until he opened his mouth to speak. "My name my queen is Alton Burks. Something that I like is fire. I like to think that I can do something with fire and it will do what I want it to do," He spoke what he liked to do quietly. I smiled lightly and looked to the next person. It was one of the brothers. 

         "My name Queen is your death!" He yelled and jumped up running at me with a knife. He was fast I had to give him that. He stabbed me in the heart before I had the chance to do much of moving. It was like the whole world had exploded in the dark lighting it up with harsh pain. I saw and felt the pain, but could do nothing to stop it. I felt my mouth opening and gasping for breath that never seemed to want to come to me. I felt myself getting heavier and heavier before everything turned black and the pain ended as fast as the knife had found its way into my heart.


          The moment I felt myself waking up I jackknifed sitting up and felt around before I saw eyes that looked like jewels. When I saw them instead of making me feel safe they made me worried that something bad had happened. I ran into a corner of my room just watching him move slowly to the light switch. He flipped it on and looked around the room. It was only Sangar in my room again. I relaxed against the wall before his smell hit me and I noticed how hungry I was. I covered my nose and mouth as he got closer to me. The closer he got the more I wished my feet to move and shut my eyes hoping he would go away. Now I was his prisoner and he was going to enjoy tormenting me. I felt his arms around me trying to draw me away from the wall that I was against. I didn't move the hungry getting so worst every second he was close to me. I stopped breathing until he noticed it and looked at my face. I could tell from his fear that he was scared of me, scared of what I could do to him, scared of what I would do when I was fed. He was scared of me but he wanted to help me. He looked me in the eyes and placed his hands on mine slowly drawing them away from my face. When he nodded his head and pulled me closer and hugged me forcing my face to his neck, and that is what did it. I bite into his neck with force and felt him hold back his scream in pain. I pushed him back until he was sitting on the bed. I knew that the moment his blood had touched my fangs that I was not going to be able to stop. This was what he had chosen, and I was not going to let him down. I sat down on his lap and drank and drank until he was falling towards the bed with me following him. I pulled back when I felt his heartbeat slow down almost to a point of death. 

          I felt tears coming down my face not knowing what to do but following what my instincts were telling me to do. I bite my wrist and put it to his mouth watching him slowly suck the blood from my wrist. He opened his eyes after he had more blood and threw my wrist away from him as he came back. I knew that he was seeing me cry for the first time. It was the second time that I felt like I truly with all my heart at stake trusted someone. The first person that I had trusted was Jacob. He had been nice at first but turned cruel towards me. I hugged him as he wrapped his arms around my lightly. I felt his arms slip away as he was filled with pain so great. I had been an empath when I was human and it seemed I could still pick up on strong feelings. I groaned as his pain hit me as well. I knew, from prior feelings, that I got only half of what he was feeling. If it felt like this then it must be worst for him, right now I was wishing that I would die. I heard my door opening but could not care less if it was or not. I felt embarrassment before I felt the angry coming off of the person. I forced my humanity away from me before I slowly go to my feet. When I turned I saw that it was Alton looking like he might come and kill one of us standing in the doorway. I rushed over to him and lifted him by his neck looking very inhuman. "You will leave us be until I call upon you to do what I wish. Now find me blood," I commanded him. I am sure that if he could have screamed right then he would have. I flashed my fangs before I flashed out of my own house. I had to get away from everyone and right now I was hungrier than I thought I could have been. 

          I flashed my way into the forest and found myself completely alone. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths to try and calm myself down and force my humanity back in me. I was listening to the animals. The ones that I had said I would have never hurt in my life. I listened and listened until I heard a ... gazelle. I rushed towards the sound and stalked it until I felt the time was right. When it looked over at me I lunged and caught it with my arms around its neck. I knew that it should have been stronger than I was, but it was not I was stronger than it. Laughing, I threw my head back and sank my fangs into its neck and drank until it had died. I felt someone sneaking up behind me but ran before they even touched me. I left the dead gazelle behind on the ground and knew that tears were streaming down my face. 


P.O.V. Sangar

          I felt pain rush into my body like there was no end to it, but I felt her leave and I knew that I was all alone without her. She looked like she did not know what she had done, but I did. I did know what she did and it proved that she liked me as well. The first night I had seen her I knew who and what she was. But in my eyes she was glorious. To me, she looked like the goddess that she did not think she was. Her hair brown hair a slight mess with grass and dirt in it. Her face showing me that she did not know what to do. But it was her lips that I saw first. They looked pouty and red. It was like she had been chewing on them, but it looked better than most anything I had seen. Her dark purple eyes held my gaze when she stared at me. I screamed in pain as I lost my thoughts. I had forgotten that she had almost killed me. I felt her tears on my neck as she drank from me. I could not help it though. When she had looked so scared of me I had to walk over and hold her. When I tried to move her and she would not let me; I looked at her seeing, for the first time, that she was hungry. I pulled her hands away from her mouth and gave in to what she had told me I had wanted mostly because it was true. She had seen right through me. I had wanted her to bite me to drink from me. I had wanted her to... My thoughts died as I screamed out again and black rolled over me. I knew that I had passed out from the pain even when I had tried not to. I welcomed the darkness as it overtook me and took the pain from me so I did not feel it. It was then that I saw, for the first time, that I would do anything for her. 

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