The Vampire Origins (Book 4)

(THIS IS THE 4TH BOOK) While the queen of the new Era is gone and away 'recovering' I will tell you a story. A story about the first of our kind. As hard as it is to believe I am not the first one. My name is Selene and I will be guiding the story along this time while Gabby is away. This will be a story about the first vampire. The very first one. The one that started all of this nonsense.


8. Birthday Party Surprise

          Every night for a week, my mother and father had been letting me go out, thinking that I was with Jacob. Every night they told me to invent him to dinner so they could get to know the one person who, what they think, stole my ice cold heart from me. What they did not know was that I did not feel a thing for Jacob. He was to just get my mother and father off my back and so they would loosen the leash just a small bit more every night. My birthday was coming up and I knew that my time to give a thought about where my new field was, was coming to a close faster than I had thought. I was happy that my mother and father thought I had found someone, but I was also sad because every night they check on me and I fake my sleep while I hear them talk. They still do not think that I will change and that I will be given back before the first child is born. I wish I could prove them wrong, and Jacob probably already knows that I will only say yes if he asked me to marry him in front of my mother and father, but even that is a very slim chance. I like Jacob as a friend, but he is not getting close to my heart or anything, I hope at least. Sometimes when I am around him I can feel my heart melting a little more and I do not find that thought very pleasing. 

            I frowned at my thinking and finished my shower trying to not think about Jacob and the feelings he provokes in me. When I finished I put on a light blue nightgown that was new, and walked up to my bed. Tomorrow was the 13th of March; my birthday. I was going to be going to find myself outside in my field all alone for the first time in weeks. Jacob has not left my side for two weeks, and it is driving me nuts because I am so used to being alone with only my trees and grass fields as friends. I slept the whole night through until six when my mother was shaking me to wake up with a big smile on her face. I sighed and rolled out of bed. "Come on sweety. This is the first time we are going to see you on your birthday. This is very important to us and you always run away from it. Come on I got you a new dress and everything. Today is a very big day, your growing up and one day you are going to have a wonderful and strong little girl or boy of your own," My mother said holding out a box for me to take. I sighed and knew that I was not going to be allowed to get away from this one now. I took the boxes painting a fake smile on my face. "Come on. Cheer up, Elizabeth. Do not be sad on your day. I want this to go just perfect," She said and came around my bed to hug me. I sighed and showed her about as real of a smile as I could. She smiled weakly back at me and left the room. I opened the box and in it was a pure white dress that I had never seen in any store meaning my mother had made it more than likely. I pulled it out of the wrapping tissue that it was in and held it up to myself in the vanity mirror. The sleeves were long with a cut in the middle going down each other, and the dress really hit my lower thighs. I looked at it in amazement. All the girls in Auslin were taught to be reserving and modest until they were married and then they could dress in things like this. 

          I took a deep breath and changed into it without looking at myself in the mirror, afraid that it would look horrible. After it was one and I fixed the shoulders so they would not keep sliding down to my arms I was forced to look at myself, by nerve and the fact that I had to brush my hair again. I was scared that I would not know what to do if I looked bad, so I took a deep breath closed my eyes and turned toward my vanity table. The moment my eyes met the ones in the mirror everything in me stopped to take in the one thing looking back at me. I thought for a moment that I could not be the one in the mirror. She looked like she knew what she was doing with her life. She looked so beautiful and fearless to be seen in something like this. I moved my hands over the dress and waved them in the air to see if the mirror would follow my movements, but when it did I jumped back shocked. It was me in the mirror. My mother knocked on the door softly and stepped into the room. I saw her look at me and smile sweetly. 

          "You look wonderful, sweetheart. Here let me help," She said putting down the second box she held in her hands on the vanity table and undid what I did to the shoulders. "They are supposed to do that," She said when I tried to shrug one of the fallen shoulders back into place. She pushed me to sit down and did my hair up in a way that even if I tried to do I would never have managed. She smiled and reached for the box. I saw that it was something to hold my hair up and it had purple, turquoise, green, and red stones on it. I touched it softly before it went into my hair. I saw my mother smile softly and hold my hand. "There you are. Now Jacob is waiting for you downstairs in the living room basement. Do not keep him waiting," My mother whispered in my ear and hurried me out of my room. only stopping to grab a pair of white heels that she had made me get a while back. I had learned to walk in them and could do so very nicely. I out them on and my mother walked with me to the kitchen before she let go of my hand and went to my father's side to hold his smiling at me encouragingly. I smiled weakly back at her and went down the steps to see Jacob. 

          Jacob was wearing a white suit with a red shirt and holding a single red rose in his hands. He smiled at me as I walked into his sight. When he gasped at me I stopped walking towards him and watched his eyes as they roamed over what I was wearing and what was not covered by the very short dress. He came towards me the moment his eyes came back to rest on mine. He held the rose out for me to take, which I did so sweetly and nicely. He grabbed my hand before I could pull it away from his and knelt down on one knee. I started shaking my head no as the tears started to come from my eyes. I knew what he was about to do before he even said the words. He reached into his front pocket and opened up a small container. He held in two fingers a brozen ring. The metal was in the form of a rose with a small blue diamond right in the middle of the petals. While I was too shocked to even say something Jacob began, "Ezlibeth Forrest Pets Aspen, I have asked both your mother and your father if I became a part of your life forever. They said that I would have to ask you, but they did say if you said yes they agree whole heartedly that I would make you a great a wife and you would make me a great husband. May I ask for your hand in the most pleasurable way possible? May I ask you to be my wife?" He asked looking up at me with solemn eyes. I took my hand away from him to cover my mouth and nose. I knew that I was crying, but I did not care a bit about it. I watched Jacob get to his feet and wait for my answer. It took me a moment to find my words.

          "I know that my mother and father are watching me at this moment. And every time I am even close to you I feel my heart melting slightly for you. We may not have said love to each other but where they think I know. Yes, I will be your wife," I said my eyes getting teary once more. I hear my mother and father gasp in shock and then I heard my mother start to cry. Jacob pulled me into his arms as fast as I think he could have and hugged me tightly to himself. I hugged him back dropping the rose he had given me. When he pulled away from me I wrapped my cold hands around his face and pulled his face towards mine for a kiss. His lips were sweet and tasted like honeysuckle. I knew that my lips were wet from the tears that were streaming down my face in pure happiness. I understood at this moment why my mother had made me something this short to wear. I understood to know why my father had not said a word when he normally did when I entered a room. 

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