The Vampire Origins (Book 4)

(THIS IS THE 4TH BOOK) While the queen of the new Era is gone and away 'recovering' I will tell you a story. A story about the first of our kind. As hard as it is to believe I am not the first one. My name is Selene and I will be guiding the story along this time while Gabby is away. This will be a story about the first vampire. The very first one. The one that started all of this nonsense.


3. A Run Through a Field

          I ran through the grassy field, no sense of time, or of where I was going. I felt free out in the sun, barefoot as I was, made it all the better. I smiled and looked up closing my eyes against the sun. It was always nice to be out in the sunshine, it was nice to be out at any time really. I disliked being in the house too much. I feel like I always need to get away from all of the computers and phones and everything that adults have that children under 17 can not have. I slowed down to start walking; I was also running out of breath while trying to laugh and run at the same time. I opened my eyes slowly and took in the whole grassy field smiling. I loved it here. Being here and in the now. Most girls my age were running around finding 'the one' caring about what people think of them and what the future is going to hold for them. I think about the butterflies that hang in the air, the sunshine softly on my skin, and the grass and dirt under my feet. I think about the white cotton dress that hangs and moves with me when I run and how the bottom of it is always filthy by the time I get home. 

          I sat down on the grass and took it all in. My favorite place to be in the world. My field that I had found while walking in the dark woods. People are afraid of going in here, which makes them think I am a witch because I like going in the woods, and I like finding new places. They are scared of all the time, which makes it all the harder to find friends. I don't have friends. No one will go near me, but my mother and father. They seem to think that I have something special, something that will help us all. I frown at where my thoughts are going and try to remain in my body and being the smiling 14-year-old girl that I am. It is hard because it means that I have to shut my thoughts out again. I sigh and close my eyes laying back in the grass. I know that when I get home I am going to get yelled out, but I don't care what my fate would be. 

          When I opened my eyes the sun wasn't in the middle of the sky, but it was getting to the point where it was going to be dark soon. I sighed and got up looking at the redwood trees around me. This place held a value to me and it was a spot that I felt safe in. I brushed my white cotton dress off and started to pick my way through the trees to get back to my village. I loved taking this way, the long way, to get back home. It meant that if I stayed out too late that I would get to see the stars shining in the dusk sky. It was one of those sights that I loved to see, but my mother and father refused for me to do such a thing, thinking that it was just so unladylike of me to want to see the stars and the sun. You can only have one, they say, not both of them. I ran a hand through my hair and found my way to the village that I left behind in the beginning of the day. I was going to have to look nice otherwise, my mother and father would not be letting me out of their sight the next day. 

          I smiled straightened my back and looked ahead of myself like a good lady, in my mother's opinion, would do. I was always displeased to look and act like this, but I never wanted to displease my mother. I walked slowly down the vastly darkening streets of Auslin. I passed closing street stores, and house with mothers pulling their children inside for a bath, dinner and off to bed for them. I smiled and nodded happily as I passed all of them. I watched as boys were called by their mothers to get into the house as to not be caught out of the house after hours. I watched and heard them all say good night to each other and slowly make their way into their house's spearing me looks of curiosity as I was very well outside after the hour for girls to be inside and doing what girls would do. I just smiled at them and made my way to my light blue house at the top of the hill. My mother and father were very fancy people, and they had been held to certain rules that they wish and even pled for me to follow, so I can be just as stuck up as they are. 

          As I neared my house my smile fell off of my face and I slowed just to stall, so I don't have to go home so soon. I look up at the sky, asking it for the cougar to face my family once more. Something felt off tonight as if the sky would not look down at me as if they air stopped moving. I looked back at my large light blue house and shuttered to think that I was alone this time. I was not used to being alone, at least not like this kind of alone. I took a deep breath of what felt like stale air and walked up to my house painting a fake small smile on my face. I walked through the unlocked door and what hit my first was the smell of homemade chili pasta and some chicken on rice meal. I smiled a real smile and walked farther into the house. 

          "Oh, where is that silly girl? She should have been home two hours ago," I heard my mother say in an irritated voice. I stopped in my tracks and looked down at my shoes, or where my shoes should have been. I must have forgotten them at the field. Oh no, I am going to be in trouble by leaving my new shoes down there. Nothing I can do about it now so I slowly make myself appear around the corner where my mother and father are sitting at the dinner table waiting for me come back home and eat supper. I smile sheepishly at them and hold my arms behind my back. "Goodness, Girl. Why is it- What happened to your dress? And your new shoes?" She yelled quietly at me. I shrugged my shoulders. She said no more talking about my field, so I do intend to do just that. "Tell me, Girl or you will regret it, young lady," She warned me. I looked up at her questioningly and smiling. She raised her eyebrow.

          "You do not wish for me to speak about where I have been, ma'ma," I said looking in her eyes and speaking in my soft voice that something I have got by casting a charm on myself to make me sound more like a Siren then human. She nodded once at me disapproving everything that I like to do. She put one hand on her forehead and tried to rub out a headache that I always seem to cause her while her other hand just points me to my room in the back of the house. I look at the floor for a moment before I say, "No dinner? As you wish, Ma'ma," and walked back to my room slowly, and watching the floor. I heard my mother sigh frustrated at me. This was how it normally went. She would get mad at me for coming home late and I would not get dinner, but I am used it no dinner by now. I only need one meal a day. 

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