The Vampire Origins (Book 4)

(THIS IS THE 4TH BOOK) While the queen of the new Era is gone and away 'recovering' I will tell you a story. A story about the first of our kind. As hard as it is to believe I am not the first one. My name is Selene and I will be guiding the story along this time while Gabby is away. This will be a story about the first vampire. The very first one. The one that started all of this nonsense.


1. Selene's Introduction

         I am not Gabby. She is away doing only she knows what. I am Selene as you might have guessed. Gabby is ... let us say that she is 'recovering' and she is 'letting me' use her body for the time being. This is not a story in the present, this is a story of the past. A story about what had happened before Gabby, before even me, even the queen before had not had the pleasure of knowing who I am speaking of. But you will get to know her. How she thinks, and acts, and above all else who she is. No not just as a normal human girl, but as one of us. A vampire queen, to be exact the first vampire queen. But let us get back to the topic of what I am doing here instead of your Gabby, shall we? Yes well, you see. I am guessing you know who I am because I am sure Gabby talks a lot about me, but if she doesn't I will tell you who I am.

          I am Selene the one and only. You might know me as the moonlight, or you might not. I am a, or was, a vampire queen before Gabby. She took my spot a little time after I had killed myself. Now you are probably wondering why I would do sure a thing. Well, I did it because I was tired of living. Isn't that why most humans kill themselves? Because they are tired of living a life they did not want? Well, I am Selene, as I said before. When I was alive I looked like a child to most. I was a child at the time I took my first steps to gain control over the vampire community. At the time I didn't know what it meant to be queen. You see queen Aspen was on the throne at the time I was turned and took forward onto my path to be the vampire queen. I didn't know why I had been chosen but I had been. I was, how most would say, a troubled child. I loved to prove myself able to handle anything I saw boys doing. They helped on a farm I helped harder on a farm. I loved getting into trouble and I loved running just to get caught in more trouble. That trouble that I loved so much got me where I was. I ran across the wrong person and did some things that displeased them and here I am. I looked like any ordinary girl from a servant family to the queen. I had a dirt face because I would help my mother from time to time, well at least until I got kicked out of the castle. I wore a dress that my mother cleaned for me every night when she got home and sewed back together everytime I ripped it even if she was almost to passing out on her bed. 

          This story though I not about me. I am just here to start the story. And I am starting it. It is about a 14-year-old girl living in a place not even known to mankind. Most thought the only place that was even like this Atlantis they all talk about was the lost city itself. It is not true, there were others, but they all went away when Atlantis fell. Of course, this story is going to be before the fall of the lost city. There is another place just like the lost city, and its name is Auslin.  And this is a real place, a real story. It is not some childs tale to put them to sleep as many vampire's have thought. It is a real place. We all had to have started from somewhere, and this is were we all came from. The history of our people. 

          I am sure that by now you wish for me to stop talking and get on with the story. Well, here. I am going to just get on with the story and let the story tell its own tale just as any, lost at the sea story book sure. Well, bye for now. I may talk at the end of this or I am not, I don't really know.

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