Soulmate Killer

Children age until they reach age eighteen. After that, they must find their soulmate.
But what if you never meet your soulmate? What if you make sure you'll never have to see your soulmate.
What if you kill your soulmate?


7. Walks

And so I do go for a walk. I go for a walk to the park, down where nobody goes at night. Not that's its night, I just... need to get to know the place. It's very large. There's a path that runs through the woods and every now and then there will be a waterfall. It's a nice place.

Papyrus told me that he loves it here.

I do too, what a coincidence! No security cameras, no witnesses, and no hospital or police station for miles.

It's funny. The universe just keeps messing up.

"Why, hello!"

I turn around quickly. Papyrus is standing there smiling.

"I didn't think I'd run into you today!"

I laugh, sweetly. "Well, it's a beautiful day, isn't it?"

He nods. "And you look beautiful today." His voice is full of innocence. He'd believe anything.

"Aw, why thank you, darling. You look lovely as well." 

He does. He's wearing a light green button up and tight dress pants (however he's still wearing that orange scarf.)

He blushes. "T-Thanks."

"Why don't you walk with me?"

He smiles and nods.

We walk together and stop at a bench that looks out into the water.

I sit and he sits next to me.

"So, Papyrus, did you grow up around here?"

He nods. "I live a few blocks away from my childhood house. I could show you sometime."

"So if you've been here for so long, did you come here when you were younger?"

"Yep! My uncle loved it here. He used to take me and my brother here."

"That's sweet," I reply, almost forgetting that I murdered his uncle.

He smiles.

"Can I tell you something really weird?"


"You, um, kind of look like my uncle's boyfriend."

Of course I do.

"That's strange."

"Yeah, but he'd be older now," he pauses," Right? Do people age after their soulmate dies?"

"I don't know. I've never even met my soulmate, let alone lose them."

He nods. He has no idea that I'm lying.


"But that would be sad," I say, "Having to die without your soulmate. Dying at all is terrifying."

"I don't know," Papyrus says, "I mean, everyone dies. As long as I don't do it alone, or early, I think I'll be fine."

I look out at the waterfall for a moment.

"I, um, I see where you're coming from, though. Death is so uncertain."

I nod. He's very understanding.

I look at him and for the first time, I don't want to kill him.

I shake it off. If he dies, I won't have to.

I stand up.

"Let's go."

We finish our walk and don't end up talking about death again.


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