Soulmate Killer

Children age until they reach age eighteen. After that, they must find their soulmate.
But what if you never meet your soulmate? What if you make sure you'll never have to see your soulmate.
What if you kill your soulmate?


8. Do It

"I should just do it now."

Alphys looks up from her manga.


"I should do it now because I'm already falling for him."

"Oh. You know I'm never going to tell you to k-kill him."

"I'm going to."

"What h-happened on this walk?"

"I saw him and walked with him. He was so sweet and understanding."

"And you want to kill him...?" She seems confused.

"Because he's sweet, because I don't want to get attached."

"I-I'm going to my room. Don't tell me how i-it goes."

"I'm doing it tonight."



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