Soulmate Killer

Children age until they reach age eighteen. After that, they must find their soulmate.
But what if you never meet your soulmate? What if you make sure you'll never have to see your soulmate.
What if you kill your soulmate?


5. Date

The other day, at the supermarket, I talked to the boy, his name is Papyrus, I gave him my phone number.

He called me this morning and said he wanted to meet up somewhere.

That's where I am today. Sitting in a nearly empty restaurant that's too hot and serves greasy food.

You would think by the shadiness of all of this, that he's planning to kill me. He couldn't though, not even if he tried.

Finally, after it seems like I've been waiting for ten minutes, he walks in.

He looks cuter than before.

He has a smile on his face. I can't help but smile back. I can't help but imagine sucking the life out of his eyes, either.

"Hello, darling."

He looks uneasy when he sits down.

Is he being extra cautious? Does he know what I'm planning to do? Does he know what I've done?

Of course not.

I hope not.


He must just be nervous.

"So, do you come here often?" I try to hide the disgust in my voice.

There's a glimmer in his eyes and when he speaks he sound so excited.

"I know, it's not that great, trust me, I hate greasy food."

I raise my eyebrow.

"I, um, my father used to take my brother and me here, until he died."

I freeze. I didn't kill this boy's father, did I?

"Wow, I'm so sorry," That was a lie, "What happened? If you don't mind me asking."

"He got into a car crash, ironically, on the way to my uncle's funeral,"

Okay, there it is.

"I mean, it wasn't that funny when it happened but it's a strange coincidence."

"Yeah, what a coincidence."

He looks up at me.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sorry. I'm fine. Um, maybe we should just talk about something else."

"Yeah, usually death doesn't make a good first date conversation," he says this with laughter.

I laugh, "Yeah."

He keeps talking. I don't really pay attention, he's saying something about spaghetti. All I pay attention to is the glint in his eyes. He's adorable. I can't let the universe win. I want to live forever, I don't want this.

I don't want to fall in love but the longer I sit here, the more I think it's too late.

It doesn't matter how much it hurts. I still have to kill him.


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