A broken heart

There were to races. Those who were human and those who were not. they lived in a world of prejudice and they wanted freedom. Can Natsu save himself from his demons or will he loose the one he cares for most?

Note: I own none of the fairytail characters, they belong to Hiro Mashima.
I only own the cover art , plot and a few OCs i might add.


1. Loneliness

​Note: I do not own any fairy tail characters, they belongs to Hiro Mashima, I only own the plot and story.


“How long have I been here for?”

“What day is it?”

“Why has ever one abandoned me in my greatest time of need?”

“Where has everyone gone?”

“Why have they left me?”

I had kept asking myself, over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month, but no one had come for me, I sat in the same position in the cell, my knees pulled up to my chest, resting my head on my arms, my tail curled around me, providing me with some kind of warmth. My tan skin was darkened with filth, my salmon coloured hair stained crimson and both it and my skin caked with grime and blood, not just my own but that of my captors as well, sometimes I had managed to gouge my horns into them, or land a blow or two, leaving ragged scars from my claws. But those chains that had restricted me stopped me from leaving anything to serious.


My hands and feet were bounded, a dog colour around my neck that was attached to an iron loop that was moulded into the back of the stone cell, I was starved, weak and my throat was parched but they gave me enough food and water to survive, they had wanted me alive for some reason, for what I did not know. I have been stuck here for what feels like years now, waiting so I can see her again. I know she may have looked down on me when I last saw her, I know they thought I was some kind of beast that was out to destroy them, but I wasn’t. I tried to tell them but they would not listen! They would not believe me, it was all because of my brother, he brought me back from the dead as a demon, now I am hated, now no one cares about me, no one at all.


I remember waking up from the sound of a prison door opening. A man wearing a black trench coat, worn leather combat boots and an army uniform walked in to a cell, to be more precised, it was my cell. He was of a strong build with slick, black hair and a little stubble on his chin. He removed my tether that was attached to the wall. Without any warning, he grabbed my left horn and through me out of the cell. My body hit the hard, cold stone floor of dark, murky corridor, the chains that bound my body dug into my skin as I landed and caused me to cringe. I lifted my head to get a better look at him, one of the prison guards had walked up to him and they started to talk in a foreign language that I did not understand the black-haired man in the navy uniform handed the prison warden a bag with a metallic noise that had sounded from the inside, I presumed it had some sort of currency, it then had hit me, they were selling me to them! I had struggled to get to my feet, I had then managed to set my body a light with my demon flames. With part of the small amount of strength I had left, I had broken my chains and charged at them, I let out a feral cry and rammed my horns into the black haired man’s thigh who when yelped in pain. The man feel back and the warden tried to grab me with his hands but only ended up with a fist shrouded in flames. 


I broken into a run, i ran down the cold, stone hallways. i was shivering, but not from the freezing air, but from the thrill of being so close to freedom, maybe i could see her again? as i ran down the frozen, winding hallways, i came to a dimly lit room, but i stopped in my tracks. It was her, her blond here hanging in golden waterfalls down her back, her large brown eyes filled with tears, puffy and inflamed. but the thing that took my breathe away in shock was that she was in a cage, she had wings and feathers growing out of her shoulders, I walked up to her cage and placed my hands on the hard, metal bars, i increased my body temperature and the metal melted. she could hear the sound of sizzling iron and turned to look at me, her eyes in a state of confusion and hope. she then asked me,

"Why are you helping me? I am a monster..."

I realised she couldn't see me, so i finished melting the entrance and walked into the dim light, i then said, 

"Well, so am i, so i am going to help you, i don't like seeing people suffering, Lucy Heartfillia."

"I-i remeber you from back then! Your that demon-boy who is the younger brother of black mage Zeref, what was your name... Oh i remember! Your Natsu, the fire demon right? 

"... Yes ... lets get out of here now, okay, Lucy?"

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