A broken heart

There were to races. Those who were human and those who were not. they lived in a world of prejudice and they wanted freedom. Can Natsu save himself from his demons or will he loose the one he cares for most?

Note: I own none of the fairytail characters, they belong to Hiro Mashima.
I only own the cover art , plot and a few OCs i might add.


2. hey there to anyone who is reading this

Hey there guys, so i re-read over this and....

i am not happy with it so....

i have decided that am going to either re-wright it or i might, well....

abandon this story....

i am not sure what  to do with this.


Help me, Please.

i have had no motivation to wright this, so if you have any ideas, throw em at me.
Or criticise me for my horrible writing skills, i don't mind.

Welp, anyway, bye.

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