Two Nights in Tahoe

Two guys, two girls, drugs, sex, and love


6. 6

Max woke me around 10:30 am trying to force feed me cocaine. I followed him into the living room, the air was thick and heavy with the smell of weed smoke. On the table sat a few open beers, some empty some on there way to being emptied. Next to the beer was the cocaine Max and I had gone halves on. Michelle was chopping up lines with her school I.D. card, her leg shacking sporadically. She handed me the half smoked blunt from her mouth.

Michelle- This blow is amazing.

Conan- I see that.

I looked at Max and silently mouth out “the fuck!” He shrugged and handed me a rolled up 20 dollar bill.

Just before noon Stella walked into the living room in a bikini and gene shorts. Michelle had suggested only moments prior, that we put away the cocaine so that Stella would not see it for she might get mad. The beer and cocaine were waging some kind of war in my body and I remember not being sure if I should fall asleep or run a marathon. I was continuously trying to swallow my adams apple, not speaking much, while Max and Michelle were talking a mile a minute.

Stella- Are you guys already drunk?

Michelle looked up, her eyes nearly bulging from her head, her foot still shaking up and down.

Michelle- We’ve been up like two hours waiting on you.

Stella- Well lets go.

Max jumped to his feet and slapped his hands together.

Max- Im driving that fuckin boat!

Michelle fell sideways on the couch holding her stomach laughing. Stella stormed out the back door.

Max- What’s her deal?

Conan-She knows were on drugs.

Michelle- No, were just drunk. Don’t even mention the coke.

I ended up driving the boat with Max as my copilot making sure we had a full beer at all times. The girls were down in the lounge cabin rolling joints. I drove out as far as I could into the middle of the lake until the waves became too rough, and I came to a stop.

I can remember when I was young, my parents would always take my brother and I camping on the west side of the lake. Something came up at work and my father had to leave two days early, only after being in a yelling mach with my mother for an hour. That same day my brother, mother and I drove into Tahoe city to rent a boat for the day. The plan was to eat at sunny side and then coast through Emerald Bay for the afternoon. At lunch my mom ordered a glass of wine and then a rum runner and then another rum runner and than another and another and she paid and stumbled into the boat, which was docked at the restaurant. She suddenly had a change of heart and decided to drive south east across the middle of the lake to go gamble at the casinos, telling my brother and I that she would give us money for the arcade down stairs. It is rather easy to navigate around the lake, especially if you are making your way to the casinos on the south side. All you have to do is find gun barrel, a ski run shooting down the the face of the mountain directly behind the casinos. My brother, who was 12 at the time was on edge. I knew my mother was drunk also, but I was only 8 or 9 and could hardly wait to get to the arcade. The wind had picked up in the afternoon and we were soon speeding through the dead center of the lake, launching off five plus foot waves. I was lying on the bottom of the boat, would float in the air for a moment, then crash back down to the hard boat deck over and over and I was screaming for my mom to stop when she suddenly made a sharp turn to avoid a 7 or 8 foot wave and the water rushed over the side and I was submerged and everything went black, then it was bright again and I was in the air for a moment before splashing into the lake, trying to keep my head above the waves. My brother pushed my mom off the wheel and coasted to me, reaching over the side and pulling me back to safety. I remember some argument between him and my mom. Eventually my brother ended up driving the boat back. We had to go slow and waste time because my mom passed out and we could not wake her for a few hours. When she finally did wake she demanded that she drive the boat up to the dock, and another argument ensued in the parking lot until she convinced my brother to give her the car keys back.

The boat slowly came to a stop, rocking back and forth in the high waves the noon time wind had help create. To the north there were thunder clouds edging over the crest of the mountains, consuming the peaks. The wind was blowing north to south, which would eventually carry the storm to us, but I thought nothing of it. The girls were sitting in the lounge cabin. Stella was rolling a joint when Max and I walked in and sat against the wall across from Michelle.

Conan- That thing is huge!

I said referring to the joint that Stella was finishing. She shot me a low browed look of annoyance then continued her conversation with Michelle. I sent her a text.

-What’s wrong?

She read it and threw her phone to the side. We smoked three or four joints in the lounge cabin letting the boat float freely in the choppy surf. Stella suggested that we dock at Sunnyside and eat lunch on the deck, as if Max, Michelle and I were even hungary. The weed and the beer finally got to me and I told Max to drive so I could take a nap.

Conan- Drive slow until you get closer to shore.

I said to his back as he climbed up to the wheel. I laid across the seats at the back of the boat and draped a towel over my head to hide from the sun. I woke when the boat picked up speed. I must have been asleep thirty minutes or so for we were only three hundred yards out from shore. Away from the death waves at the center of the lake. Max and Michelle were both up at the wheel so I ducked into the lounge room where I found Stella propped up against the wall looking desperately out the window.

Conan- Why didn’t you text me back?

Stella- You madeout with Micheele last night?

Conan- No, she was drunk and tried to kiss me and I pushed her away.

Stella- You told me nothing happened.

She looked out the window then back at me, almost in tears now.

Stella- You promised.

Conan- Nothing happened!

Stella- Right, and you and Max weren’t doing coke this morning.

Conan- Michelle was too!

Stella- You disgust me Conan.

She said getting to her feet. I reached out and grabbed her hand.

Conan- Wait.

Stella- Don’t touch me!

She walked out of the lounge room. There was five beers in the corner and I drank all of them. Max and Michelle apparently had not stopped drinking at all and were openly doing key bumps of cocaine in front of Stella as she drove the boat into the dock. The sun was gone now, in hiding behind dark storm clouds. Thunder cracked just to the north of us. Stella looked up to the heavens which ironically had a hellish hue.

Stella- Maybe we should just go back.

She said hoping we would disagree so that she could eat at her favorite restaurant.

Michelle- Were not hungary anyways.

I glanced at Stella.

Conan- I could eat.

She threw the keys to me.

Stella- You drive back I don’t feel good.

She had to yell over the gusting wind that brought the storm.

Conan- I probably shouldn’t I just drank five or six beers.

Stella ignored me and disappeared into the lounge room. There was another crack of thunder and then the rain started. All my life I had never seen rain that heavy. Drops the size of gum balls. I sat alone up at the wheel and drove slowly for the wind was creating waves even close to shore. I was soaked to the bone with in ten minutes, trying the best I could to hide under the wheel house. I could here laughter and smell weed smoke coming form the lounge room.

It was an hour later when I finally pulled up to the boat house at the cabin, numb and shivering. I walked directly to the bathroom and turned the hot water on and sat a while thinking about Stella. When I later walked into the living room, fresh and sober or near to it, I found Max passed out on the couch. Michelle was sitting up watching t.v. I was wearing only a towel.

Conan- What’s wrong with him?

Michelle- He drank the entire way back.

Conan- Wheres Stella?

Michelle- Sleeping I think. She’s not feeling well.

Through the sliding glass door I saw a bolt of lighting strike the lake followed by the loud boom of thunder. The rain had yet let up.

Conan- Im gonna put some clothes on.

Michelle- Is that really necessary?

She said with a look of seduction, speaking in the same tone strippers speak to you when there sitting on your lap convincing you to come in the back room with them for a lap dance. I turned and went to my room to get dressed. I walked into Stella’s room and found her lying nearly curled up into a ball watching the same show Michelle was watching on t.v. She stared at me standing at the foot of the bed.

Conan- Nothing happened last night.

Stella- Thats not what Michelle said.

Conan- She’s a fucking lier!

Stella- She wouldn’t lie to me.

Conan- Would I?

Thunder cracked in the distance.

Stella- Sometimes I don’t know any more.

She received a loud text message from her phone witch was sitting next to the t.v. Handing her the phone I noticed the message was from Brian.

Conan- You like that guy?

Stella- I do. He’s a hell of a lot nicer than you are.

I slammed the door as hard as I could as I walked out of the room. Looking through Max’s bag I found the bottle of whisky he brought and walked into the living room.

Conan- Michelle.

She turned and looked at me.

Conan- Lets get fucked up.

I said swirling the bottle.

We sat at the table with a shot glass each, a bottle of cola, the bottle of whisky, there was cocaine residue from the lines we had just snorted. I poured us a shot and then another one and another and then she poured us a shot.

Michelle- Wait don’t take that yet.

She said and ran out of the room. When she returned she dropped a rectangular shaped pill in each of our shots.

Conan- What is that?

Michelle- Xanax

She said and took her shot and the pill.

Michelle- I stole them from my mom. I guess she has anxiety.

It was dark outside now. The rain was still falling in heavy thick sheets. There was an ocasinal flash of lightning followed by thunder. I looked at the pill floating in my shot glass hesitantly.

Michelle- Don’t be a pussy Conan.

I took the shot. Than another one followed by a line of cocaine then we smoked a joint followed by another shot. Thats when the xanax kicked in. Michelle found her way to my lap and my hand found its way up her gene skirt and her hand found its way into my shorts and our tongues started dancing around each other like mating snakes and I probably would have had sex with her right there on the floor if Stella had not walked into the kitchen. I was so waisted I could do nothing but slide the bottle across the table to her. I was laughing hysterically.

Conan- You want a shot?

Stella- Im sick Im going to bed.

She was holding back tears. Michelle still had her hand in my pants. Stella grabbed the weed from the table and left.

Michelle- Night Stella! Lets go into your room.

Xanax, especially when mixed with alcohol, can make you black out all too easily. I remember having sex with Michelle with the lights on then nothing then a short glimpse of snorting cocaine naked in the bathroom together and taking a shot then a hazy memory of making out in the shower then there was a crack of thunder and I picked my head up off the pillow and the clock next to the bed read 6:30 am. I picked my phone up from the bed side table. “Shit!” I said to myself. I had a text from Stella sent around midnight. Six words that made me consider suicide.

Don’t ever talk to

me again.

Michelle was lying on her back naked and snoring loudly. I pulled my swim trunks on ran to the bathroom and puked for five minutes followed by dry heaving. When I entered the room again Michelle propped her self up on an elbow she was still naked and her fore head was in her palm.

Michelle- Did we have sex last night?

I nodded my head.

Michelle- Did you wear a condom?

I shrugged. I was too hungover to talk.

Michelle- Doesn’t matter Im on birth control. Just don’t tell Max he’s like in love with me.

Michelle went and slept in the other bedroom for a few hours to make it look as if she was there all night. It was still raining and it rained the entire way home. There was a deadly car crash on the highway and it took us almost five hours to get back to Sacramento, moving desperately slow through the rain soaked forest. There was little to no conversation, just the sound of rain and windshield whippers. It was sunday and we started our Sophmore year on monday. Stella never showed up for school monday. She did not respond to my text. She did not bother to pick up my phone calls. By tuesday evening her phone was off. By friday she was still absent from school and her facebook was deactivated. If only she knew how many times a day I checked it for activity, desperately searching for any signs of life. There was none. She was gone and Michelle was there and then there was the depression and more drugs.

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