Two Nights in Tahoe

Two guys, two girls, drugs, sex, and love


4. 4

We pulled the boat up to the end of the dock. Max honked the horn twice, the low deathly shrill shot across the lake and echoed off high mountain peaks. Michelle and Stella climbed down the dock ladder to the bottom deck of the boat.

Stella- You know how to drive it?

Conan- Of corse!

I had never drove a boat before.

Michelle- We wanna go to Emerald Bay!

I pulled down the throttle, just slightly at first than slowly down further and further and than the air was whipping around us with a great deal of ferocity and Max had to yell to communicate with me. Once I felt we were far enough from shore I turned north, the moon was high up to the east lighting the way. It was so bright I did not bother turning on the lights at the front and rear end of the boat, as if I knew how to anyway. I slowed our speed and the girls joined Max and I up top. We lit the blunt and smoked while the boat carried on slowly to the north, taking in the moonlight; the tall mountain peaks stood above us covered in pine trees, we all had a beer in hand. The blunt went out and the girls returned to the safety of there seats on the lower deck. I kept our slow speed and we pulled into Emerald Bay after about 20 minutes. Max and I finished 3 or 4 more beers on the way, not letting the girls see us toss the empty cans into the lake, for they would perceive it as the end of the world or something. There was an island at the center of the bay that had an old “tea house castle” at the top of it. The moon lit up the island and the castle. Max was lighting a joint. I pulled up close to the island so Stella and Max could climb up to the castle. The boat was shut off and drifted freely next to the island. Michelle and I sat up top drinking a beer. The air was crisp and cool, a breeze floated to us through the moonlight bringing with it the smell of pine. The subtle lapping of waves against the side of the boat could be heard. Michelle and Stella were both blind drunk or damn near to it, witch was rare for Stella, not much so for Michelle.

Conan- Why didn’t you wanna go up to the castle?

Michelle- I’ve seen it.

She took a long drink from her beer. A roller rocked the boat and she fell back in her chair, dropping her beer to the lower deck.

Michelle- Give me another beer.

I reached into the backpack and presented a beer to her, which she excepted gracefully.

Conan- Cause you really need another one.


She pointed at me with the same hand holding the beer.

Michelle- Your one to talk Conan. Stella told me you used to take painkillers like everyday last year. Because life is so hard, and you always walk around like your missing something.

Conan- Missing something?

Michelle- Yeah or lost... with your puppy face.

She threw her head back laughing and spoke in a sad mocking voice.

Michelle- Conan the lost little puppy.

She frowned and reached out to pinch my check. I pushed her hand away.

Conan- Shut up Michelle!

Michelle- Why do you hate me? Didn’t Stella tell you how I feel about you? I mean look at me Conan. I could probably be with any guy at our school but I don’t want any guy, I want you.

She pointed at me with her beer can hand again.

Conan- I never said I didn’t want to be with you.

Michelle got up and sat on my lap. She ran her fingers through my hair. She was still in a bikini top and her large round perfect breast were pushed up against me.

Michelle- Im sorry about the painkiller thing.

Conan- Just drop it.

Her fingers running through my hair was putting me in a trance like state. She put her beer down and started rubbing the inside of my thigh. Her hand slowly crept up to my crotch and I quickly pushed it away.

Michelle- I don’t care that your a virgin.

Conan- Shut up Michelle.

Michelle- Is it because I’ve been with other guys?

She took another sip from her beer.

Michelle- Stop acting like a little boy.

She leaned in to kiss me and I smelled alcohol and cigarettes, so I grabbed her beer from her drunk lose grip and threw it into the lake. I saw a glimpse of her hand from the corner of my eye than herd a slapping noise and my face was on fire.

Michelle- What’s your deal?

I pushed her to her feet.

Conan- Just go down there!

She grabbed the bag of beers and climbed down the ladder. I heard a beer can open.

I called Max on his phone to see if they were almost done. He said they were walking down from the castle and that I should bring the boat over. On the way back to the cabin Michelle demanded that I stop the boat so she could throw up in the lake. After about five minutes of dry-heaving she laid across the seats on the the lower deck and passed out. She would not wake when I pulled up to the dock so I drove the into the boat house where Max and I carried her onto the dock and laid her on her side. We quickly tied up the boat and made our way back up to the dock. There was a pile of foul smelling vomit next to Michelle’s face. We took her inside laid her down on the couch and made her drink water. Max slept next to her in case anything happened. Stella went off to bed while Max and I stayed up and talked a while. I said good night to him at some point and and walked into my room. Not one minute after I rested my head on the pillow I received a text message from Stella.

-I really don’t think

I could stand to

see you with some

one else.

It was two a.m. I got up and walked to Stella’s room.

Conan- Can we talk?

I sat on the edge of the bed. Stella was sitting up hugging her knees.

Stella- I cant sleep.

Conan- Did you mean what you said?

She nodded her head slowly.

Stella- When me and Max were on that island I couldn’t stop thinking about you and her alone on the boat. I started freaking out. I made Max come back early, he wanted to stay.

Conan- Nothing happened.

Stella- You promise?

Conan- Promise.

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