Two Nights in Tahoe

Two guys, two girls, drugs, sex, and love


2. 2

I looked over at her and saw that she was reading the text and I saw the pain in her eyes just before she stopped reading and looked to her left out the window and saw the green pine tress flash by on the mountain slope. There was no response. My breathing became deeper and my heart increased in speed until I herd the commotion in the front seats.

Max- I love this song!

He began turning the knob and the radio increased in volume throughout the car.

Michelle- Im not listening to this.

I could feel her roll her eyes as she said it and pushed the button so the radio would turn on, rendering his Ipod being used with an auxiliary cord useless. Max said nothing and continued winding up the mountain slope. I looked to my right and noticed the river was gone now and we would be in Tahoe soon. Max was as most guys at our school were, attracted to Michelle and she took advantage of him for this reason. Everyone had paid for there own food and beer for the trip except for Michelle who lied to him and said her parents would not give her any money because of some bullshit story she made up and that Max should buy it for her, looking at him sadly, batting her eyes in the process. As usual he melted and paid without hesitation. It was a different story however with the cocaine we bought be for picking up the girls. He insisted that we keep it a secret, not because the girls would judge us but because they might want some and Max was not one for sharing his narcotics.

Stella and Michelle were engaged in a conversation about some blond headed teenager singing on the radio who was “so hot” when we came around the final bend on Echo Summit.

Max- Look at that!

We were high up on a mountain cliff and a view of the entire lake was exposed to us and we sat silently in awe as one usually does when seeing the lake from this hight. The lake was crystal clear blue like water one finds throughout the Caribbean. Lake Tahoe is like a bowl of water surrounded completely with high mountain peaks. The very tops of the peeks were still covered with snow and not far above them sat white fluffy clouds.

Stella- Its amazing

Michelle- Its not like you’ve never seen it, we both have cabins right on the lake.

She turned and smiled at Stella.

Michelle- And mines bigger.

Stella- Whatever it beautiful.

Stella looked at me shaking her head and mouthed out the silent phrase “shes a bitch” and we both laughed silently.

Max- So what’s the sleeping arrangements?

Stella- There’s a master bedroom and three...

Michelle- I get the master!

Stella- and three smaller bedrooms and there’s a HUGE wrap around couch in the living room.

She explained the couch with her hands making a semi circle in the air which made me smile and show so many teeth that I looked out the window.

Max- I rolled this this morning.

Max had opened his center console and pulled out a blunt and then proceeded to roll the windows down. His car was made in the nineties and it had an electric cigaret lighter under the radio that he pushed in so it would heat up. As all the windows came down the crisp high altitude sierra air rushed in and filled the car with the smell of pine and and lavender from the purple flowers jutting up on the side of the cliff. There was a stir of excitement in the car now with our journey nearly complete and the blunt being lit and I watched Stella talk with exuberance to passengers ahead of us not letting her smile fade, showing metallic. The cool mountain breeze blew her hair back and forth and side to side and created a dark corn yellow frenzy around her head which made her glow golden. I remember having no clue what she was saying but I could not take my eyes off her as she talked and laughed and moved and how her hair flowed around her until the blunt was passed back to her out stretched hand and I looked forward again.

We eventually made it off the cliff and down into the thick woods that surrounded the lake until we turned right onto a single lane privet road and came to a gate. Max pulled up so Stella’s window was next to to the to code box where she secretly punched in numbers and the gate opened. I caught a glimpse of a few and leaned over and whispered to her.

Conan- Your birthday?

She smiled and shook her head. We pulled in and the sun was sinking in the sky while we lugged in our food and beer and clothes. I had worn my bathing suit on the drive and Stella was upstairs changing into hers. She suggesting that we all jump off the dock before it gets dark. As Max was putting the beers away in the refrigerator he curiously looked into the freezer and and wide eyed, mouth gapping, spoke with excitement while holding a rather large bottle rum.

Max- You think we can drink this!?

Michelle grabbed it from his hands

Michelle- She wont care her dad hasn’t come up in here for like a year.

Conan- I don’t know... just ask her first.

Michelle- She wont care lets take a shot.

Her hair was black like her soul and she had large breast that looked great in that bikini top she was waring. She did have great legs too. They were falling to the ground from her gene skirt and she looked at me with those brown eyes and challenged me.

Michelle- What are you scared Conan?

She put down two shot glasses and filled them to the brim, a look of hesitation still on my face. Max looked away and continued stocking the refrigerator with beer. She grabbed both shots and walked around to my side of the island and whispered in my ear.

Michelle- Don’t be so scared all the time.

I looked her in the eyes and took the shot without hesitation and put the glass down as she did the same never breaking eye contact.

Stella- What are you doing!

Stella was standing behind us in the kitchen.

Stella- Where did you get that?

Conan- Sorry it was in the freezer I thought...

Michelle- Oh who cares Stella your dad hasn’t been here in forever he obviously forgot about it.

Stella- So, you cant even just ask?

There was a moment of silence.

Stella- Im going out to the dock.

She turned in a hurry and walked out.

Max- Well hell I’ll take shot.

Michelle- Im going to change and put my things away.

She walked past me dragging her finger tips along my back and out of the kitchen.

Conan- Pour me one too.

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