4 Years Ago |M.C.|

Jackie met Michael Clifford right out of high school, thought she was in love, then the tables turned, and here she is 4 years later with his kid, and messed up passed


4. {4}

Michael P.O.V.

I pace around the hotel room, and Ashton looks up at me.“Just go find her dude.”

“If I knew where she was don’t you think I would.” I say while taking a seat on the other bed.

“What if I call her friends, they know where she lives.” I say while picking up my phone. I’m pretty sure I still have Becca’s number. There I find it under Jacky’s friend Becca I walk out to the balcony, and then I hit call. After a couple rings there's a hello.

“Um yea is this Rebecca.”

“Yes the is her.”

“This is gonna sound weird, but this is Michael Clifford, and I need to know where Jacky is.” I say into the phone expecting a bad reply.

“She’s at her parents house.” 

“Um one more question… where’s that?”


“Thanks.” I say while hanging up the phone. How the fuck am I gonna get to Montana. When I walk back into the hotel room Ashton is gone. I open my laptop to do a little stalking on Jacky.

Jacky’s P.O.V.

The next thing I know my mom is hugging me, and I can’t help but cry. I missed my mom so much. She pulls away from the hug and looks down at my finger. 

“Where’s the ring?” She while holding my hands. 

“I couldn’t do it.” I say as my little sister walks in. I shake mom's hands off of mine and I run and hug my sister. 

“Bailey.” I say while squeezing her to death. We let go and she asks. “Where Michaela?”

“It’s a long story I left her with my friend.” 

I take a seat at the kitchen table and so does Bailey. I look over at my mom to find her getting dishes out for lunch. I turn my head back over at Bailey.

“So wheres Gabe, and Katelyn?” I ask while I feel my phone start to buzz. “I’m sorry I have to take this I say while grabbing my phone and walking into the bathroom.

“What do you want Becca?”

“Why the fuck did fucking Michael Clifford call me.” 

“I don’t know.”

“No Jacky I know you something is going on.”

“Alright I Michael knocked on my door before the wedding, and that why I had you stall, and then we kinda fucked.”

“You had sex with him.”

“Um yea, and thats why I canceled the wedding and now I’m standing in my parent’s bathroom talking to you.”

“Well I told Michael that you're at your parents house so…”

“Fuck you Rebecca” I say while hanging up the phone. I slide it back in my shorts. I take a seat back at the table and Bailey looks at me.

“Whose Michael?” She whispers to me.

“Michaela’s dad” I say and then I turn to my mother. “Do you need any help mom?”

“No I think I’m good, but Bailey will you go tell your father, the other two it’s time to eat.” Bailey nods and walks outside, and I hear scream their names. My mom finishes setting the table while Bailey returns with the others. My father walks in first. 

“What the fuck.” He says and my mother snaps back. “Johny!” 

“Sorry dear, but why is Jackson here” He says while taking his seat and the table. My brother and sisters do the same, and finally my mother. Gabe looks up at me “So why are you here?”

And so I explain everything to them except the part of fucking Michael, I just said I freaked out. After dinner, I help Bailey wash the dishes. 

“So do you have boyfriend?” I ask while I hand her a plate to dry. 

“Spill girl.” I say

I step out of the need shower to find a text from Thomas (my ex husband I guess). 

T-Why did you leave? 
T-Are we still together? 
T-What’s going on? 
T-Where’s Michaela no wait where are you? 
T-Please call me we kinda need to talk. 
T-Did my mom scare you is that why you left, because I’ll tell her to back off.

J-Listen we can’t get married, I’m just not ready, Michaela is fine, don’t worry about, I just don’t think we should talk anymore.

T-Jackson Marie Cole I still love you

J-Yea but I don’t love anymore

And with that he didn’t reply. Fuck him. I cover myself in a towel and make my way to my room. I look through my closet to find some pajamas I left when I moved out. I feel my tummy growl. I make my way upstairs to get some food. When I reach the top of stairs. I hear my parents talking.

“We need to tell Jackie.” My moms says

“What’s the point.” My dads say with that attitude he has.

“She’s our daughter she has a right to know.”

“None of them other kids know, and they live here.”I peak my head around the corner, and speak up.

“Tell me what.”

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