4 Years Ago |M.C.|

Jackie met Michael Clifford right out of high school, thought she was in love, then the tables turned, and here she is 4 years later with his kid, and messed up passed


3. {3}

My phone keeps ringing different people every time, but I don’t want to answer. I don’t want to talk right now all I want to do is breath, and I now the perfect place to do it at. My parent’s house. I haven’t talk to my parents in three years ever since Michaela was born. They don’t want to be known as the parents with the teenage knock up. 

The drive to my parents will take about a day, but I don’t care. I need a hug from my mother right now. I drive about 5 hours until I reach a town by the name of woodpine. I see a hotel, and I pull in. I get out of my car. I look down to realize I’m still wearing my fucking dress. I go the truck of my car to find an old duffel bag with some cloths in it. I smell them and they smell decent. I open the door to the front desk, and this young dude looks up at me. 

“Don’t judge, don’t ask.” I say while grabbing some cash out my purse. He nods his head and clicks on something. “$75 please.” I flip through the cash counting it realizing I only have $45, well fuck. 

“Okay this is gonna sound fucking crazy, but you can tell I have had one hell of a day. I only have $45 cash.” I say while offering him the money.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think I can do that” He says while standing up and walking to the back room. Dick. I go to the lobby bathroom and change into normal clothes. I look at myself in the mirror. My makeup is smeared, and my eyes are all puffy from crying. Fuck it I look like shit. I stuff my dress back in the duffel bag. I leave the bathroom, and unlock my car. I throw my duffel bag in Michaela car seat. I miss my baby already. Fuck sleeping I’m just drive straight shot all the way there. 
Finally after what feels like forever I reach the montana border, 3 hours left. I pull over at a rest stop to take a little nap. I look the doors, and lay the sit back.

I open my to see Michael laying next to me. All of a sudden I hear Michaela scream and giggle and then jump on top of me. But she looks older like maybe nine or ten. Then a little boy comes walking in. Michael wakes up, and bends over to pick up the little boy. “Well good morning Sammy” He says in his sexy morning voice. He looks so much like Michael. All of the sudden I hear a baby cries from out in the hallway. “I go get them.” Michael say. I watch his sexy ass walk out, and down towards the cries.

A knock wakes me up and look towards the window to see a man standing there. I jump up and make sure the door is lock. He motion to roll down the window. I do it a tiny bit, so I can hear him. 

“Hey pretty girl.” He says while smiling, and he is missing half his teeth and the smell of beer floats in my car.

“Fuck off.” I say while rolling back up the window. I start the engine, and the guy flips me off, and walks of towards the trucks. I check the time. 6:00am on a sunday. If i leave now I can make it home before they get home from church.
After three hours of driving I reach my home town. I slow down, as I drive through. I pass the high school, and then the grocery store, and so forth. Finally I reach the gravel road to turn on. I pull in front of the farm, I have missed this place so much. I’ve missed my horses, my cats, my dogs, everybody. I’ve missed everybody. When I reach the house nobody is home yet. I park my car where I used when I was in high school. I walk up to the front of the house. The door is lock so I pick up the rock from the garden. Same spot as always. 

When I push open the door, My nose is filled with the smell of my mother homemade roast. I follow the smell into the kitchen and find the crock pot sitting on the counter with pork in it. Perfect day to come back. I turn to the fridge to find pictures of Michaela on it. They do open those letters I send them. I hear the garage door open, shit there home.I hear the the door open and then voices. Fuck what am I going to say.

I hear my mom’s heel click along the floor getting louder and louder. I look up to my mom standing there, not blinking, “Jackson Marie.” She says.

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