4 Years Ago |M.C.|

Jackie met Michael Clifford right out of high school, thought she was in love, then the tables turned, and here she is 4 years later with his kid, and messed up passed


2. {2}

I know who is it just by that voice. I look over at Michaela.“Who is it mommy?” “Just an old friend” I say while standing up. I walk over to the door. Am i gonna regret opening this door? I slide my hand on the door knob and twist it. I slowly open it to reveal Michael Clifford standing there.

“Jackson... I know this is kinda weird but…” He says, and he notices the Michaela in the background. “I’m sorry i didn’t know somebody else was in here.”

Michaela walks over to me and waves at Michael and says “Hi I’m Mikey, and I’m 3 and ½ years old.”He bends down, to say hi to her. Little does he know that’s his daughter. Michael stands up and I turn to Michaela. “Hey baby, go find Becca please” She runs off down the hallway towards Rebecca’s room.

I motion Michael in and close the door behind him.“Is that your kid?” He ask while sitting on the bed.“Our kid…” I say while sitting next to him.

“Fuck no… I don’t have a kid”

“ Your were the only guy i slept with when i got pregnant”    

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t want to suffer anymore”

“I have a right to know if I have a fucking kid” He yells at me.

“I know I’m sorry” I say as tears roll down my cheek. Michael just sits there and says nothing. He looks like he is about to cry too.

“Look I really don’t know why I didn’t tell you, maybe it’s because I didn’t want her face all over the internet or maybe i was just too afraid to tell you, I’m sorry either way”

Michael just sits there speechless and fidgets with his hands. As he opens his mouth to talk there is a sudden knock.

“Who is it?” I scream.“It’s Becca, just telling you have 5 minutes” “Can you stall me a little time please?”

“Whatever” I hear her footsteps walk off, and Michael turns his face from the door and into my eyes. I stare back into his beautiful green eyes. Which our daughter is blessed to have.

“I just don’t know what to say” He stutters out.I grab his hand, and He wraps his hand around mine. I look back up at him. He slowly leans and presses his lips on mine. I’m taken by shock but then kiss back. Now I remember how much I miss this boy. We pull away.

“I’m sorry” he says

“It’s fine” I say and I kiss him again.He kisses back, and we all know where this is leading to…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I hear a knock on my door and Michael jumps off of me, and covers himself in the blanket. “Who the fuck is it.”

“It’s fucking Becca, I have stalled 20 minutes, if you don’t get your ass out right now I’m shutting down this wedding.” I lip to Michael to hide, and I put dress back on. I walk over to the door and open it. Becca just stares at me, and then shoves me in the room.

“Your hair is a fucking mess, you lipstick is gone, and your mascara is all over you, god you look like you fucking had sex.”

“I’m having an emotional break down, I don’t think I can do this.” I say while feeling tears come to my eyes again.” “Are you bailing?”

“I think so.” I say while crying my eyes out.“Well I’ll go tell Thomas, where do you plan to go?”

“I really don’t know just tell him I left already.” She nods her head and walks out of the room. I lock the door behind her, and Michael comes out of the closet. “You're not doing?”

“Why the fuck would I, I just fucked my ex.” “I’m sorry.” He says and unlocks the door, and leaves me alone behind. Typical Michael. I grab my bag and open the door, I head towards the back hallway, and down the stairs. I open the door to the outside and breath the fresh air. I unlock my car and drive out of the parking lot, I don’t know where I’m heading to, but I start going towards my parents house and I dont stop.



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