4 Years Ago |M.C.|

Jackie met Michael Clifford right out of high school, thought she was in love, then the tables turned, and here she is 4 years later with his kid, and messed up passed


1. {1}

I move my eyes up and down the dress, Is it really the one I want? Do I really want to get married? Does he actually love me?


“Jackie, snap out of it, already.” I hear Rebecca say out of the corner of my mind.


“Sorry I was just thinking about the wedding again.”


“Ok well, Im getting tired, so can we just pick out your dress and leave already.”


“I think I like this one” I say while pointing to a dress that had a lace back, and then the bottom half was like cinderella’s dress. It was practically my dream dress.


“K, let’s get it and leave.” Rebecca says as she wanders off to probably to go find a worker. I hear Michaela (Mykala but you’ll see why it’s spelled this way) talking somewhere in this store. I stand and walk over to the side where her voice was coming from. I walk up to find her in a cute little puffball dress.


“Did you find your dress, Mikey” I say as she looks up at me.


“Mommie” In her cute little voice, “I chose this one” She says as pointing to one she’s wearing.


“Mkay, we can get that one, now how bout you go take it off, and then we go get some dinner. “ I say as she runs to the changing room giggling her head off. God I love her.


Rebecca walks over to me. “You need to go up to the front desk to sign some stuff” She says to me. “Mkay, can watch Mikey please”


She nods her head, and I walk up to the front of the store, I walk up to the desk and a nice young lady looks up at me.


“Um, are you Jackson Cole” She says in nice sweet voice. “Yes I am” I say as she slides me a paper to sign. I take the pen from her hand, and sloppily put my signature down. Mikey runs up behind me, and hugs my legs. I bend over to her, and pick her up. I get my receipt back from the lady, and me, Rebecca, and Mikey all head out of the store and into my car. I buckle Mikey up in the back seat and then slide into the driver’s seat.


“Hey baby girl where do you want to go eat?”


“Umm, I don’t know” She says, and then giggles.


Rebecca peeps in from the passenger seat. “How bout we go to the restaurant that opened up on 1st avenue”

“That sounds good” I say as I turn onto a street. The rest of the ride is silent, but the hum of the radio, and mikey babbling to herself.


I can’t believe in 4 months I’m going to be getting married to this guy I only met a year ago. God I’m so stupid. Maybe he isn’t the one. God will you shut up, the last guy you dated left you alone and pregnant. At least this one is here for, and cares for your daughter.


***4 months, aka wedding day***


My eyes flutter up, and look around Rebecca’s guest room. I mean it’s pretty, and everything, but we have never had the same style. I slip out of bed, and slide my rob on. I quietly open my door, and then to the bathroom. I splash my face with water to actually wake up. I step out of my clothes and into the shower.


I let the water run all over me. It feels so good.



I sit down in the chair in front of the mirror to do my makeup and hair. I curl my hair in beach waves, and then twist it around the sides. I do a simple eyeliner with silver eyeshadow. Nothing too over the top. I hear the door open and look over to see all my bridesmaid standing in the doorway. They already have their makeup and hair done and they look so pretty.


“Did my parents show up?” I ask Rebecca as she walks towards me.


She shakes her head no. I mean what can i expect i haven’t talk to them in like 3-4 years. I help the girls get in their dress and finally they help me in mine. Throughout the time they keep telling stories of me and we just laugh and laugh. Michaela comes running in, dressed in her dress already. With hair in cute little curls. Thomas’ mom must have done it. (Thomas is the guy she is marrying)


“Hey guys can I have a minute here alone with Mikey” I say to my bridesmaids. They all walk out the room and probably into the extra one we bought.


I look over at my beautiful daughter. She has his smile. The cutest one I have ever seen.


“Are you excited for mommy” I ask while I sit on the floor and sits across from me.


“Yea, and I can’t wait to eat cake and cookies!” Shes say while giggling. And there's her father’s laugh. All of the sudden there is a knock on the door.


“Who is it i shout towards the door?”


“It’s me” The voice says, which is the voice I never thought I would hear again. That voice that caused me so much pain yet so much happiness.


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