.... it crumpled on the floor into a ball of white paper, no strings of letters or numbers to speak of and that was the only evidence out of the whole world that something inside of me felt broken......


3. PART 2

Scrolling down on the direct messages section, I began reading the constant words of shade that kept pinging through on Instagram. Within minutes, the school group chat was flooding with cusses  that were meant for me.

So far, the main culprits were @_murtaza_____ and @isa, typically blindly following each other's footsteps.

Dont know why @amaan.s_official keeps posting. No one likes them .LOL

I know. He says we are attention seekers- which is why he always disses people in his posts right?

IKR.LMAO. What a nut head.



I tried ignoring the messages, so I muted the notifications and decided to chat to my friends. About half an hour later Haris was online. I quickly scrolled down and pressed @H.a.r.i.s1_ to open his message.

Lol. So your writing a novella called 'FEUD?'

I replied, my thumbs rapidly pressing the keys.

                                                                               Yh. Lol. didnt know u would read the captions to my posts.

He responded instantly.

Make sure I'm in it.

                                                                                Are you joking? Obviously ur in it

Good- or I'll bruise Ur arm :)

                            The notifications on the top of the screen popped up

Splitz.01 sent a message: Amaan is a crack head

                                                  I already got a nasty bruise from ur punches, dude, I dont need no more


                                                BTW, u owe me big time- got more lectures from my parents

What did they say?

                                                Just that ur a bad influence and some more bs


I was constantly checking the group chat as me and Haris continued our conversation. It appeared that all my haters wanted me to react, as message after message began overflowing the screen, brimming over the edge and spilling my anger out of me. @_Murtaza_____ had added more of his friends, and I could imagine them all scoffing at their screens, sniggering at my vulnerability. I was tempted to write back replies, but the sensible side of me was determined not to give them the satisfaction of seeing my raging remarks appear on their screens. More minutes past, and I was desperately trying to block out everything they were saying by texting Haris. 'At least Haris is supportive  and very loyal' I thought, my moods switching from happy to fury as I flicked back and forth between Haris's messages and the Group Chat.

@_Murtaza____ sent a message: Y r u not replying @amaan.s_official. What a pussy

Something inside me snapped- without thinking I texted Haris

                           Crazy Idea- Can I add u into the school gc. I'm sort of in a feud and need back up

Go ahead.

'Haris is such a good friend'  I thought.' How can anyone, let alone my own parents, think he is a bad influence.'

Even the mention of him being a bad influence was highly offensive to me. I understand his reasons, and I feel like he understands me. At that very moment, as we were on the same road but different houses, both of us staring at the Instagram page, we felt a strong connection- a bond that is unbreakable flicker between our minds. My mind suddenly, for no reason at all, reminded me of what had happened in Star Grills today. I began to smile at the screen, and had the strangest feeling that Haris was doing the same.....






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