Little Black Dress

Diana Rose has just lost her father. After loosing her mother to cancer she is now living with her aunt who is absent almost everyday. Diana is just a wallflower, never been kissed, never been loved by a boy other than her dad. At his funeral she bumps into someone who she hates with a passion ever since the first grade. That was the day, that everything changed.


7. ♡ Chapter 7 ♡

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Diana's POV
I wake up and I can hear the rain pounding on my window. I rub my puffy eyes and go into my bedroom washroom. The carpet that is usually nice and warm feels cold against my feet. Probably because I turned off the heating last night. Why should I feel warm if I'm so cold inside? I walk into the washroom and stare at myself in the mirror. I'm a mess. Mascara smudged from last night, eyes puffy, hair messy. I look into the mirror and I don't even recognize myself. I used to be happy...

I wash my face then go back to the edge of my bed. I'm freezing cold but I can't move. So I just sit there cold watching the rain beat against my window. The sound is so beautiful, it relaxes me, but then I remember that I have no one. No mom. No dad. No boy. No one. I can't help it and I start to cry again. I try to stop the tears from streaming down my face but I can't. They won't stop.

I want to scream. I want to go away. Somewhere far, where no one will ever bother me or see me again. I want to die and see if anyone notices. I know no one would, but it's just weird to think. What if I did die? Would it really make a difference. No, I promised my dad I would never kill myself, I'm going to make this work. But right now. I'm here. Crying. In pain... and that's okay. For now.

I go walk over to my window and grab my teddy bear and hug it tight while looking out the window. I can see people walking down the street. I see familiar faces. It's Harry, Louis, Niall, Lexi and Allison. Bitches. I hate them all. I hug on to my teddy bear for dear life when I see Harry stop and stare at me. It was just for a second but I know he saw me. Then he turned back to his friends and they passed by my house. Most of them not even knowing who lived here.

I cried for one more hour until I pulled myself together and went downstairs. I made myself a cup of tea and added two sugars, something I never did. I always liked my tea black, no sugar no milk. But my mom would always but in two sugars and at this moment, I needed to feel her presence.

I sat on the kitchen island and looked out the window. What was it with rain and me? I always felt so at peace yet torn looking and listening to it. I pulled my white knit sleeves down a little to hold the hot mug and crossed my legs. I was freezing and sitting on the cold counter top with my red plaid pajama shorts wasn't helping. The tea was the only thing keeping me relatively warm. I finished my tea then headed towards the heating switch. I set the heating for just above room temperature. Then I put some ice on my puffy eyes until they went back to normal. I was a pro at covering up a night of crying. I used to do it for my dad so he wouldn't have to see how much I missed my mom. Now I do it so others don't see how broken I really am.

What was I going to do today? Then I got an idea. My mom and dad loved to bake. That's actually where they met. Why don't I head down to the bakery where they met and pick up some cream puffs and a few cupcakes. I quickly got dressed and did my eye make-up the best I could.

I hopped in my aunts BMW and headed off. Strange how I have a shit car, yet she has a nice beautiful sleek black BMW. Bitch. I got to the bakery and felt chills down my back. I can just imagine my dad working at the bakery then my mom walking in with her friends. Then boom. Love. Too bad that love isn't on my side.

I got out of the car and rain into the bakery trying my best to not get soaked by the rain.

"Hi I'm here to pick up a box of cream puffs and some cupcakes." I said to the boy who had his back towards me

"Sure wha-" he stopped and stared at me.

"Diana?" he asked

"Harry?" I said looking at him strangely.

"Uhhh, well...yeah." he said kinda nervously. Awkwardddddd...

"Yeah, so can I get my food?" I asked

He nodded then went to the display.

"What flavors?" he asked

"Two salted caramel, two hazelnut and two pumpkin." I replied

"Strange choice, don't you think?" he asked

"No, not really." I snapped back. He looked a little shocked then shook it off.

"Okay, so that's $30." he said smiling, I handed him the $30 when I heard a familiar voice call my name

"Diana dear!" Ellie said hugging me. I loved Ellie, everyone did. Ellie was one of my mom's best friends and after my dad and mom got married Ellie bought the bakery from the old owner.

"Ellie!" I said hugging her.

"Hello love, how ya been?" she asked smiling. Ellie was always happy and one of my favorite adults ever.

"Good thanks, and yourself?" I replied

"Great, oh, how rude of me, this is Harry." she said gesturing towards him

"Yeah, we got to the same school." I said

"Dapper! Harry, where did you get that $30?" she exclaimed.

"Diana." he replied

"NO, NO, NO! Give me the $30" she said to Harry, and he did as he was asked

"Here." Ellie said handing me the $30

"No, Ellie, I should pay like everyone else." I said not taking the $30

"Diana Rose, your mother would kill me if I made you pay for anything. She would do the same for my child so I do the same for you! NO if and's or but's!" she said shoving the $30 down my top.

"Ellie!" I shrieked. She then kissed my head and skipped to the back of the store. I love that woman.

I looked over at Harry who was smirking and looking down at the floor. I walked over to him and took out the $30 from my shirt and put it in the tip jar.

"Later Harold." I said before leaving.

"Bye bitch." he replied

"Fucktard" I said before leaving the store and driving home.

Har ry's POV
That was a weird sleepover last night. Lou invited Lexi and Allison. Lexi and I ended up getting back together, but I wasn't so sure now that I wanted to.

We were passing by Diana's house and I looked up into her bedroom window. It scared the shit out of me when I saw her standing there staring at me. She was hugging some sort of stuffed animal and her eyes looked black, like running mascara. I felt really bad for her. Yet at the same time, I'm not going to stop teasing her. I've been doing for too long now to stop.

I got to the bakery and was greeted by Ellie. That lady was never sad. I got into my apron and waited by the counter. I quickly turned around to fix some of the boxes when the door opened.

"Hi I'm here to pick up a box of cream puffs and some cupcakes." I heard a familiar voice say.

"Sure wha-" I had started to ask but stopped in my tracks. Diana.

"Diana?" I blurted out.

"Harry?" she said looking at me strangely

"Uhhh, well...yeah." what the fuck? That came out wrong. Am I  nervous?

"Yeah, so can I get my food?" she asked.

I nodded then went to the display.

"What flavors?" I asked

"Two salted caramel, two hazelnut and two pumpkin." she replied

"Strange choice, don't you think?" I asked, trying desperately to make conversation with this bitch.

"No, not really." she snapped back. Bitch.

"Okay, so that's $30." I said smiling, she handed me the $30 when I heard Ellie call her name.

"Diana dear!" Ellie exclaimed

I listened to their conversation and couldn't help but smirk when Ellie shoved the $30 down Diana's top. When Ellie was out of sight Diana started walking towards me. Shit.

She took the $30 and put it in the tips jar.

"Later Harold." she said cockily

"Bye Bitch." I replied

"Fucktard." she said before leaving.

Shit, was I  falling for Diana?
  Hope you liked it.
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