1. Prolouge

I remember seeing my teacher in front of me, teaching me the history of our world. I was only little then, staring at those big words scribbled on the board. It didn't make sense at all, to me. But now, I know everything. I have to know everything since I am the daughter of the Queen. It was strange to think of that, staring at myself in the pale mirror, knowing that I am a the second leader. I stared at myself, looking at my long blonde hair with blue bits of strips, laying against my folded arms. Different symbolic tattoos crossed my arms and my back, stretching its way across my skin. A knock on the door woke my attention. I turned away from the mirror.

"Come in," I say in my plain boring voice. The door opens slowly. A guard stands in the door way, dressed in blue armour. His hands are still by his side when he talks. His brown eyes don't stare at me when he talks to me.

"Your highness, your mother has just left WringRood Palace with over the thousands of guards. She is now making her way towards The Steam Sea.

"How is she getting there?" I asked turning my way towards the window, walking step by step slowly.

"She is on the Salty Sea Mare Ship your Highness," he said clearly, still staring blankly into nowhere.

"Who is the leader for now... for Water World?" I asked staring out across the palace looking out through the window. A silent pause stood through the room.

"It is now, you, your highness, you are now The Water Queen.

The Water Queen. I repeated that magical word through my mind. The leader is you. I looked over the palace, where the tall buildings stretched upon through the horizon. It was a magical scene. People buzzed around, kids played with water, everyone was happy. It was now my responsibility to look after everyone. Keep everyone safe and happy. It was a big role to take. I smiled down at the kids as their smiles stretched in the sun, It was like they were forgetting...everything. I wanted it to be like this, every second of life. But it was impossible. There was that one world.

"Fire World..." I say softly under my breath.

"Your Highness, is everything alright?" 

I spun around quickly.

"Yes, thank you. Sorry. You are dismissed."

The guard bowed slowly then turned and walked away, leaving his footsteps echo down the steps.

I turned from my gaze and walked slowly back to the mirror. 

I am now Water Queen. I looked at myself strongly in the mirror. The light's reflection gleaming in my eyes.

And Fire World will


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