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  • Published: 20 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2017
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There are people in the world who are and feel different from the crowd and exactly such people are the engine of progress in a society. World today is still full of many prejudices and superficial judgements. I think it should be changed and we have to learn to see the inner beauty,not primarily what's on the surface. This is a story about an outsider.


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  -I am causing a commotion. The minute I got off the train, I gathered attention I didn't want. The only main street in this little place swiftly attracted people. They all are outside because of me. Want to witness the unholy ''creature''. But what I am? A scarecrow? A freak? An alien? A beast? No! God created me in His own image and likeness. I am tired of the long travel. I am tired of the suitcase I bring with myself. I don't have strength even to become mad. I don't because I have a terrible burden I cannot stop thinking about. My child is very sick. Maybe these people here don't think folks like me should live, but why don't accept I am one of them. As I continue to walk, I feel their stares. Their face expressions speak louder than their silent whispering. They don't even have to utter a word. I understand they think I am the strangest human being they have ever seen. I know I am not handsome and my clothes are threadbare and dirty, with holes in them, but my worry about my sick child is greater than the way I look. The people from this small place will not forgive me for my outside presence. I realize they are cruel. And chained with prejudices. They judge me for what they only see in me-ugliness. Do they know me inside? They also showed to me the thorns in their souls. Their souls will soon suffocate from these iron thorns. They are deceived by their cold hearts and I sense they wish to throw rocks at me. Simply because I am not the same like them. I am weird to them. I always felt weird and strange. I never felt quite like the others. I was born this way. Is it a curse? No! Maybe God didn't want to emerge together with the crowd,but to raise above human weakness and live in an unique way. My way. My own way. The way no one before me have traveled. I continue to walk, trying not to look in people stares and not to show any emotion. I feel like I witness a parade. And I am the main attraction. Not in the good way. Only the red carpet is missing. And the flowers. The roses people usually throw at their idols. I am their sin. From their wretched mouths to their heavy stares, I am looked from head to toe. People drink me with their stares. I am the poison for their narrow minds. I carry the old suitcase with my final strength. I don't see my cousin, the doctor. He used to live in this forgotten place. Is he still here? Or these people lynched him before me? I am the next, I guess. As I continue to walk step by step, I see old ladies with bonnets, young boys and chickens, a chimney-sweep and mothers, coal workers and traders, fat drunkards and pigs,crows and a squirrel that also stares at me. Their stare. Their stare is piercing. I feel physically hurt. But not ashamed. No matter how long these people will stare at me, I will remain proud and not ashamed. They should be ashamed. I finally reach the doctor's office but the front door is locked. Will I save my child? I am not rich. But dignity is all I am left with. It's not for sale. I am off now. The way back to the train platform seems like an endless ordeal. Will I have the strength to go all the way again? Strangely, but I have. I am blind to their stare. Their evil eyes cannot harm me anymore. I am not pretty angel. The people from this small place are not roses,too. At least not roses without thorns. I will make a wreath out of the humans' thorns and will put it in my head. Because I did nothing wrong. I only loved.......and still love.


This is what I was thinking all the way, when trying to find somebody to cure my child.

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