The Great Beast

Inspired by Wendy Higgins
A beast reigns terror throughout Kiloran. For the safety of the commons and the royals, King Brewer announces a hunt. A hunt with a special prize. His daughter Elizabeth.
Paxton Ashmore, nothing but a brave hunter, decides that he'll enter, but he isn't the marrying type. Will Paxton and Elizabeth fall in love? Or will something more devastating happen?


1. Prologue

The fishermen threw their nets over the side of their boat. "Reckon we'll catch any good ones?" the old fisherman asked his nephew. "Don't know. Haven't caught any last week, I doubt we'll catch any this week," Will, his nephew, answered. Suddenly their boat rocked back and forth, knocking the older fisherman into the water. "Uncle!" Will moved towards the side of the small boat and desperately looked into the murky black water; the only source of the light was the reflection of the moon and their lanterns. His uncle resurfaced, sputtering out water. Will extended his hand while his other held onto the boat, careful not to fall into the dark unknown. His uncle reached up, thankful that his nephew was there to help him.

Abruptly, a giant hand with claws as sharp as blades grabbed his uncle's leg and swiftly pulled him down. Will couldn't believe his eyes as his uncle's sandal floated to the surface. Grabbing the ore, Will climbed to the middle of the boat and started rowing. Keeping his eye on his uncle's shoe, he noticed that the water started breaking and something started advancing towards his small boat. Breathing heavily, he rowed harder. Arriving at the shore, Will quickly jumped from the boat and dashed towards the castle.

He glanced at the thing behind him. To his horror, he saw a giant beast with a long tail with scales that glistened in the moonlight and had dark fur with wolf ears. Its claws were three times longer than normal claws and it had long fangs. "What type of animal is this?" Will thought in horror. It stood up on its hind legs and roared louder than a lion. Looking back at the castle, Will pushed himself even harder than he's ever done in his eighteen years. 

Will ran into the gates of the surrounding wall of the castle. Yelling and hitting the gates, he cried for the guards to open the gates, but no one was there. He frantically looked around and cried as he realized that this will be his end. Long blades slashed down Will's back repeatedly and he cried out in anguish. He fell to the ground, bleeding out. He thought about all the good times he had during his eighteen years of life. He thought of his uncle and how he'd always take will out fishing when he was a young lad. He thought of his mother, realizing that he never said goodbye. He thought of the girl he was courting, knowing that he'll never marry her. His eyes slowly closed as death welcomed him home; a single tear rolling down his face.

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