Cryptic Psychopath || k.t.h

#bts #taehyung #v #love #romance #psychopath #taehyungxreader #happy

"I'm sorry that I put you into this mess. It is better for you to leave."-Taehyung
"As much as I want to leave, I can't. I'm already a part of this and I can't get out." -(Y/N)


1. Prologue

"Hyung.. Please answer your phone, Hyung."

* * *

His name is Taehyung. Kim Tae Hyung. An art student who loves to Sketch and making graffiti. The kind of guy who is very cheerful and happy. Every time I saw him at school, he always have a big smile plastered on his face. He always laughs when he's with his friends. It seems like he never experienced the dark/sad part of life.

But one day, something happened.

I was there when he did it. One single action that put both of us on a very hard time. And things gets worse when his friends left him when he needed them the most.

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