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"I'm sorry that I put you into this mess. It is better for you to leave."-Taehyung
"As much as I want to leave, I can't. I'm already a part of this and I can't get out." -(Y/N)


4. 제 3 장 | chapter 3


I walk into the classroom, early in the morning. There are just me and 2 of my classmates. I put my bag on my desk and take out my camera. I turned it on and looked through all the pictures.


I looked over and saw Jungkook popping his head at the door. "What?" I asked, still holding my camera. "Taehyung is looking for you." He said. I raised an eyebrow. "C'mon. Let's go." He said. I stand up and follow him.

"Why is he looking for me?" I asked Jungkook. "Don't know. He just told me to look for you." He said. "Oh.. Okay." I said, looking at the floor. We walked out of the school building and went to the back of it. "Taehyung!" Jungkook called him. Taehyung turns around and smiled. "Thanks, Jungkook-ah." Jungkook nodded and left.

"What is it?" I asked him. He sprayed the blue colored spray paint on the wall. "I was wondering.. If you're free this afternoon." He turns around and looks at me in the eye. "Umm.." I pouted, "Maybe. Why?" I asked, "Let's hangout at the café or anywhere that you want." He smiled while shaking the spray paint. "Just you and me?" I asked. "Is it okay if I invited the boys?" He asks. "Well yeah. It's your friends anyways." I chuckled. "Okay then. Btw, eat with me on recess." He said, continue making graffiti. "Okay fine." I said. "Okay, you can leave now." He said. "Before I leave, can I take a picture of that graffiti of yours?" I asked. "Nope. It's my masterpiece." He said, not even looking at me. I sighed and start to walk away. But, I manage to turn around and took a picture of it quickly and run away.

"Hey! I told you to not to take a picture!!" He shouted. I laughed and headed back to my class.

* * *

"Okay guys. Don't forget to give me your picture for Chicago's Photography Contest."

I sighed and put all of my things into my bag. I headed to the cafeteria and approached Taehyung. I put all of my bags on the table and sit. "Hey, (Y/N)-a." He said, smiling. "Hey, Taehyung." I said to him with no emotions. "Is something wrong?" He asked, concerned. "Nothin is wrong, Taehyung. I'm just thinking about my Photography project." I smiled. "Is it for a contest or something?" He asked. "Sorry Taehyung. My lips are sealed." I smiled to him. "Oh.. Oh.. You're going to do this to me, huh?" He chuckles. "Yup. You did the same to me." I laughed.

Not too long later, the other boys came. They all greeted me and Taehyung. Hoseok sits next to me. I glared at him and he smiled at me widely. "For you." Jungkook said, giving me a milk. "Thank you, Jungkook." I smiled and drink the milk.

"So, where are we going after this?" Jimin asks. "We can go to our secret lair." Namjoon said. I raised my eyebrows, "you guys have a secret lair?" I asked. They all nod. "That's so cool." I chuckled. "But, it's far away from here." Namjoon said. "Far far away." Hoseok said, throwing his hand into the air like he's imagining an imaginary land. I chuckled and take a sip of the milk. "Where do you want to go, (y/n)?" Taehyung asked. "Um.. We can go to the café or the park." I said to them. "That is very very no fun. No fun." Hoseok said. I chuckled because of his face. "I can go wherever you guys want. I don't mind really." I smiled.

"Okay then. Let's just go to our beach." Jungkook said. "That's a great idea. We haven't go there in a long time." Seokjin said. "Geez, you guys have your own secret lair and a beach. That's awesome." I said. Jimin chuckled, "you'll gonna love our beach." Jimin said. "So, it's settled. We go there today, and go home at sunday." Taehyung said. "Wait, we're going to stay there?" I asked them. "Yeah. Spending a day is not enough. Tomorrow is holiday anyways. So, no problem." Taehyung said. "Yeah, you're right." I said, "Can I have all of your numbers?" I asked. They nodded, and give me their number one by one.

*Bell rings*

"Gotta go now. I have drama class after this." I said, putting my bag over my shoulder. "Me too. Let's go there together." Yoongi said. "Okay then. We'll pick you up at 4." Taehyung said. I nodded and went to Drama Class with Yoongi.

* * *

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