New movella

A story about a lost girl trying to find out who she really is


1. Who Am I?

From the day that I was born I have been alone. Well not fully alone... I have Miakoda my inner wolf.... I always have one question... Who am I?

People say I'm the Alpha but then I say, what is an Alpha?

My life is a confusion why am I still here I ask?

I feel now and again like I should die and I ask why am I a part of this cruel stupid world?????

The next day, the confused werewolf planned a murder because she was so angry.

She wanted to become the school killer. And she did just that...

I screamed for attention and a man came to help. He pulled me to a closet and I suggested to go into a lonely quiet place. I got him to follow me into the woods then I turned into a wolf. Before he could say 'Coool' I murdered him with my claws!

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