Kat and Sas's nightmare

Kat and Sas go into the woods but the problem is, they never return...


1. Truth's and Dare's

One day when Kat and Sas were walking home with their friend's ( Lucy and Khushi ) they decided to go the shortcut way so they could walk through the woods. Lucy and Khushi were walking behind Kat and Sas and decided to make up a dare for a game so, then they caught up. 

Lucy and Khushi said to Kat and Sas ' why don't we play dare or dare?'

'Sure!' Kat said with Sas nodding her head.

'Great, Kat, Sas we dare you to go to that big tree stump in the middle of the forest, and draw something on there with your pen and then run back here!' Exclaimed Lucy

Being who they are Kat  and Sas accepted the challenge. So whilst Kat and Sas were walking to the tree stump, Lucy and Khushi waited on a nearby bench and played on their phone!

'We have got WiFi here!' Lucy said to Khushi.

'Oh my gosh, if we didn't then we would be bored out of our minds!' Khushi said revealingly.

Mean while Kat and Sas were happily walking along the path to reach the tree stump. And before they knew it, they were already standing in front of it!

'You go first!' Sas said because she was scared

'Fine, but you have to promise to do it after me.' Kat explained

'Okay' Sas said uneasily. 'kat please hurry!'

'Alright, see it wasn't that bad!' Kat saying confidently.

They had both drawn a tree on the stump. But once they reached the benches where Lucy and Khushi were waiting, they got snatched out of thin air! Khushi and Lucy stood up to run but then they said to themselves 'we have WiFi here so we could call the cops.' And that's what they did. However they heard a blood-curdling scream coming from 2 miles into the woods, it sounded like Kat and Sas were in trouble... 

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