Suffering Side

She too, had the head. But why am I getting clear weather when she sees only clouds?


1. She had the clouds

During the rain, I shielded myself from her, all of them too

Now I know, she was going through the rain, if only she knew

When we had time to waste, sitting alone inside our minds

Suddenly came the topic, and I found that she was not fine

As I spoke of six months prior, eight months, more, she knew

She had to have known, for later she revealed, she was too

As I spoke of the choking fog, the tears, the memory

She started to unravel in front of me

She knew it all, it all ways clear to her now 

How could I have been so blind? How?

She spoke of the clouds, the daily rain 

I never knew she had pain

Then I said the words, the words I didn't believe although they came from me

I said something along the lines of being in the middle, something of becoming more free

I told her, that eventually she'd see a crack of sun, but until then 

She had to cling, couldn't let her feelings win

After I established I was in the middle of light and dark that I had met

She said to be, "But I am not there yet"

If she had the same tears as I did, if she had the fear

How would it have been if we had both lent an ear?

Would the rain have still been down and dark or would there be light?

But if I never had darkness, would now I stand, knowing how to fight?

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