A Town Called Salem

My name is Lilith Smallwood. I was a true witch of Salem. I was hanged in May, 1693. They thought they could get rid of me, but little do they know that killing me was the worst mistake of their lives.


2. Hell is Home

I feel the power rushing through my soul. I had planted the demons in these girls and now I am reaping the beauty of what I have sowed.

The screams of Abigail Williams and her lover fuel my passions. Why hadn't I decided to be dead before? Not having the ridiculous limits of a physical body was heaven. I look down at the bodies. They are now fully dead. I had leeched the life force out of them. I have to restrain myself from licking the tips of my fingers. Just because eating souls isn't generally thought of as a polite thing to do, doesn't mean that I have forgotten my table manners.

"What do you want?" This came from the demon. I have finally freed him from his physical meat.

It's a bit hard to describe what exactly a demon looks like. I suppose it depends on the person. It manifests itself as your worst nightmare, only I have none. And so all I am seeing is a blurred, dark shape.

"I need you," I say. I can sense the demons annoyance.

"You're the one who tricked me into possessing that miserable soul, aren't you?"

"I had my reasons." I don't want to admit that my plan had gone terribly wrong.

"Where is Jezebel?" He demands.

"All in good time, friend." I say. Jezebel is the other demon. "You may be wondering why I have freed you today of all days. Well, you see, today is the seventh anniversary of my hanging. And its taken me this long to achieve the strength to exercise a demon. It has taken me a long time to discover how to eat souls."

"I don't care when you died or how strong you are. I just want to go back home."

"To hell you mean?" I ask, slightly surprised. "I thought that all you demons hated it down there."

"We hate it, but it's home." The demon admits.

"You are free to go, once you have completed one small task for me." I prepare myself to deliver my order.

"And that is?" The demon sounds wary.

"I need you to help me perform a sacrifice. I'm going to summon someone from hell." I smile with an excitement that I had nearly forgotten about since I had died.

"Fine," the demon sighs. "Who are we summoning?"

"Oh, you might have heard of him," I say nonchalantly while staring absently at Abigail Williams' corpse. "He's called Lucifer."

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