A Town Called Salem

My name is Lilith Smallwood. I was a true witch of Salem. I was hanged in May, 1693. They thought they could get rid of me, but little do they know that killing me was the worst mistake of their lives.


5. A Position in Hell

"96 souls to go." I say with relish. Nothing filled me with such excitement like the thought of feeding on more juicy human souls. So many raw emotions; the anger hot and full of flavor, the sadness was creamy and sweet. The lust was an explosion of every flavor, buzzing and alive. Humans. Had I even been one once?

"What is the purpose of this?" Asks Sarah Goode, clutching the copy of Malleus Melificarum that she had once owned in life. The one that she had tried to use against witches, but had caused her to be condemned.

"You're a monster." Sarah O. glares at me, tears in her ghostly eyes.

"No, unfortunately not yet," I sigh in angst.

"Why do you need all this power?" she asks.

"Well, first of all, getting revenge on the people who accused us is simply delightful. Ann Putnam, the two bitches, the Reverend, Elizabeth Hubbard and the other scum of this town deserve this. You should be thanking me. They killed you."

"It was worth it seeing that they finally caught the real one!" cries Goode.

"What's the real reason?" asks Osborne. Her eyes narrow.

"In old witchlore, it is said that if a powerful witch curses the souls of two people she loves, she can summon anyone from hell. You see, I tried to do this as I was living, but it didn't work. The souls that I chose were too strong," I explain.

"Betty and Abigail," realizes Goode.

"However, there is another way. If said witch becomes the most powerful being on earth, she will become the third deity in the universe. With that power, I can summon whoever I want out of hell simply because I will be a force to be reclined with."

"Third diety?" this comes from Osborne.

"God is the lord of Heaven, Satan the lord of the Underworld. Call me the new aspiring Mother Earth."

"What's the point?" asks Osborne. "Who do you need to summon from hell?"

"I want to get a favor from Lucifer. You see, he has a partner down in hell. I want the job," I say.

"What job?"

"Well, some call it the rider of the Pale Horse, the Grim Reaper," I smile. "I know him as Death."

I enjoy the look of horror on the two dead women's faces.

"You see, while Satan has power, even his job will end. He's going to be locked up by God. It's all in the Bible. Death, however, comes to all. It's the most powerful position besides God. Even Satan will bow to me one day."

"You can't do this," Osborne pleads.

"Yes, I can." I grin. "And I'm starting with the town of Salem."




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