The Death of Mrs. Rumbles

When you go in the kitchen for an important call, but find your last words to be "You're Fir..."
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5. The Night's Secrets


I can’t sleep.

I can never sleep in another person’s bed.

Or in another person’s house.

Lucy doesn’t help my case, who would have thought she was a snorer.

I try counting sheep, doesn’t work. I try reciting Pi, like that would ever work.

I give up. I sneak out of my bed and grab my torch.


The door creeks open, I look back to see if Lucy heard me. She didn’t, she’s still snoring like a little baby with the flu.

I close the door behind me and try my hardest not to breath (I don’t remember who is a light sleeper and who’s not, but I can’t be too careful).

I tiptoe towards the stairs. I don’t know where I am going but downstairs is better than upstairs (I get to breath downstairs without waking every light sleeper up).

As I get closer to the stairs (my room is the furthest away from the stairs), I hear voices from my right. Looks like I am not the only person not being able to sleep.

I tiptoe in the general direction of the voices. Well, maybe a dim light beaming through an ajar door is good enough to show me where I am going.

I switch my torch off.


I put my ear against the wall to listen in on the conversation.

“…. you’re sure every cable is cut, even the emergency one?” the first voice is Mr. Rumbles. I could understand why he couldn’t sleep.

His wife was murdered, his electricity has been cut off and his chef is probably the murderer.

“Yes, sir, what else do you want me to do?” the second voice….is the chef?

I peep around just enough for me to see but also to go unnoticed. Both men have their backs to me.

I thought if the two men were in the same room for longer than a minute, that the chef would be strangled to death right now. But, it’s the opposite of that, they are drinking whiskey together and speculating cut wires.

“Do nothing, act guilty,” Mr. Rumbles eventually answered the chefs question.

“Admit to killing Mrs. Rumbles to the police, go to prison and that’s the end of that.”

I could just feel the atmosphere getting icier by the minute.

"But I didn’t kill her!” he nearly shouted but didn’t want to wake anyone up.

“I know you didn’t, but I don’t want….” Mr. Rumbles was cut short by a thud from downstairs.

I hid in the shadows as the two men ran downstairs. I waited until they couldn’t see me and followed them. To be continued.

I really liked this chapter. Hoped you guys liked it! Elizabeth is one step closer to finding out who the murder is; well, she knows the chef isn’t.


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